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2016-05-08file.c: home dir fall backnobu
2016-05-02* win32/win32.c, include/ruby/win32.h (rb_w32_utruncate): implements newusa
2016-04-22* file.c, win32/file.c: Removed obsoleted safe level checks.hsbt
2016-04-13file.c: File.empty?nobu
2016-04-10file.c: prefer rb_check_aritynobu
2016-04-10file.c: apply2files returns Fixnumnobu
2016-04-10file.c: apply to argvnobu
2016-04-10no argument conversions in rb_realpath_internalnobu
2016-03-18file.c: simplify rb_file_s_splitnobu
2016-03-14ruby.c: reduce fstatnobu
2016-01-19file.c: fix documentationheadius
2015-12-23prefer rb_syserr_failnobu
2015-12-09* *.c (*_memsize): do not check ptr.ko1
2015-12-08file.c: call get_stat only oncenobu
2015-11-24Drop support for BeOSnobu
2015-11-24Add missing punctuation to File docs [ci skip]nobu
2015-11-23Haiku now best effort supportnobu
2015-11-08* file.c: Add
2015-10-23* file.c: fix indent style. [fix GH-977]hsbt
2015-10-19file.c: fix typosnobu
2015-10-18* file.c (rb_file_identical_p): not necessary to compare the paths afterusa
2015-10-18file.c: fix compile errornobu
2015-10-18* file.c (rb_file_identical_p): simplify ifdefskosaki
2015-10-18* ChangeLog: Good-bye OS/2.kosaki
2015-10-18* file.c (ruby_is_fd_loadable): this should be fail if st_mode iskosaki
2015-10-17file.c: set errnonobu
2015-10-17* ruby.c (open_load_file): reset O_NONBLOCK after open.kosaki
2015-10-17string.c: rb_str_cat_conv_enc_optsnobu
2015-10-17file.c: prefer encoding index as possiblenobu
2015-10-16file.c: non-blocking opennobu
2015-10-04file.c: get rid of intermediate objectsnobu
2015-09-24file.c: same timespecnobu
2015-09-18file.c: File.mkfifonobu
2015-09-15encindex.h: ENCINDEXnobu
2015-09-12* file.c: access()/eaccess() wrapping methods check more than just uid.hsbt
2015-09-05internal.h: move rb_readlink declarationnobu
2015-09-02file.c: use filesystem encodingnobu
2015-08-28file.c: syserr_fail2_innobu
2015-08-27win32.c: fchmodnobu
2015-08-27file.c: fix messagesnobu
2015-08-26win32.c: fake lchownnobu
2015-08-24win32.c: symlinknobu
2015-07-24Add tests for `File.extname`nobu
2015-07-07file.c: skip invalid bytenobu
2015-06-18* include/ruby/ruby.h: $SAFE=2 is now obsolete.hsbt
2015-06-14file.c: open without gvlnobu
2015-06-13* file.c (rb_stat_ino): get inode from the interval of struct st.naruse
2015-06-12* file.c (File::SHARE_DELETE): new flag to be able to delete opened fileusa
2015-05-16wrapper object before allocnobu
2015-04-11* file.c (rb_f_test): Consider nsec for "=", "<" and ">" for "test"akr