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2016-03-07* ext/tk/lib/tk/menubar.rb: fix a typo in font name. [ruby-core:72505]nagachika
2016-03-07win32ole_event.c: use rb_write_error_strnobu
2016-02-21cgi/escape: Optimize CGI.unescapenobu
2016-02-21cgi/escape: Optimize CGI.unescapeHTMLnobu
2016-02-19extmk.rb: cygwin casenobu
2016-02-15win32/resolv.rb: invert the conditionnobu
2016-02-15win32/resolv.rb: check pointer sizenobu
2016-02-15avoid ruby-mode.el bugnobu
2016-02-15split win32/resolv9x.rbnobu
2016-02-09* ext/zlib/zlib.c: Document mtime header behavior with patch by @schneemszzak
2016-02-04mask upper nibblenobu
2016-02-04initialize dest to 0nobu
2016-02-04cgi/escape: Optimize CGI.escapenobu
2016-02-03* string.c (str_new_frozen): if the given string is embeddedablenaruse
2016-02-02Fix typo on OpenSSL::PKey doc [ci skip]nobu
2016-02-02Fix Ripper.lex error in dedenting squiggly heredocnobu
2016-02-02* re.c: Introduce RREGEXP_PTR.naruse
2016-01-28socket.c: unlimited size hostnamenobu
2016-01-27depend: add capacity.onobu
2016-01-27Add tests about String's internal capacitynaruse
2016-01-24wait readable/writablenobu source dependency for nmakenobu
2016-01-22vm_core.h: use RUBY_ASSERTnobu
2016-01-19ripper: clean timestampnobu
2016-01-17option.c: single byte booleannobu
2016-01-17option.c: make error messages consistentnobu
2016-01-16* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/pkey.rb: Added 2048 bit DH parameter.hsbt
2016-01-14* Remove 512-bit DH group. It's affected by LogJam Attack.hsbt
2016-01-10ext/-test-: reduce feature namesnobu
2016-01-10stdlib: avoid extra calls to eliminate "\n" from Base64normal
2016-01-09openssl: fix examples [ci skip]nobu
2016-01-09nmake VPATHnobu
2016-01-09Revert r53482 "nmake VPATH"naruse
2016-01-09nmake VPATHnobu
2016-01-07* ext/ripper/depend: Just like BSDmake, nmake also recognize the rule ofusa
2016-01-07fix r53448naruse
2016-01-07mkmf.rb: library installation messagesnobu
2016-01-04stringio: binmode sets encoding to ASCII-8BITnormal
2015-12-28:warning: key "accelerator" is duplicated and overwritten in Tk samplesa_matsuda
2015-12-28Missing requirea_matsuda
2015-12-28parsedate is no more available since 1.9a_matsuda
2015-12-28Convert euc-jp resource file in Tk sample to utf-8a_matsuda
2015-12-28Documentation typoa_matsuda
2015-12-27* remove trailing spaces.svn
2015-12-27* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (ole_variant2val): refactoring.suke
2015-12-27Method name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27ivar name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27Method name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27ivar name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo in Tk samplesa_matsuda