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2001-05-17* ext/sha1/sha1.txt, ext/sha1/ fix typos.knu
2001-05-17Add .cvsignore to let CVS ignore Makefile which is automaticallyknu
2001-05-17* ext/sha1/MANIFEST: Added.eban
2001-05-16* ext/md5/, ext/sha1/ s/SuperClass/Superclass/.knu
2001-05-16* ext/, ext/Setup.emx, ext/Setup.nt, ext/Setup.x68:knu
2001-05-16* ext/sha1/ add the Japanese version derived fromknu
2001-05-16* ext/sha1/extconf.rb, ext/sha1/sha1.c: use WORDS_BIGENDIAN toknu
2001-05-16Initial revisionknu
2001-05-16* ext/md5/md5.txt: make wording fixes, and mention the newly addedknu
2001-05-16* array.c (rb_ary_and): should not push frozen key string.matz
2001-05-11* bignum.c (bigdivrem): access boundary bug.matz
2001-05-07* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: fix for FreeBSD and GDBM.eban
2001-05-07* parse.y (arg): "||=" should not warn for uninitialized instancematz
2001-05-06rb_eGDBMFatalErrors -> rb_eGDBMFatalErroreban
2001-05-06forgot some checkins.matz
2001-05-02* eval.c (block_pass): should not downgrade safe level.matz
2001-04-24* ext/, lib/mkmf.rb: (dir_config) do not add theknu
2001-04-03* ext/ (create_makefile): create def file only ifeban
2001-03-28* ext/, lib/mkmf.rb: add C++ rules in addition to Cknu
2001-03-28* ext/, lib/mkmf.rb: move C++ rules to the right place.knu
2001-03-27* eval.c (rb_mod_define_method): should have clear method cache.matz
2001-03-26* ext/md5/md5init.c (md5i_new): remove rb_scan_args().eban
2001-03-26* eval.c: remove TMP_PROTECT_END to prevent C_ALLOCA crash.matz
2001-03-26* ext/Win32API/Win32API.c: remove Init_win32api().eban
2001-03-22* ext/Win32API/extconf.rb: add -fno-omit-frame-pointer.eban
2001-03-21* gc.c (id2ref): sometimes confused symbol and reference.matz
2001-03-20* win32/win32.c (win32_stat): UNC support.eban
2001-02-26* eval.c (proc_call): should not modify ruby_block->frame.itermatz
2001-02-18* ext/curses/extconf.rb: add dir_config.eban
2001-02-16* io.c (set_outfile): f should be the FILE* from the assigning value.matz
2001-02-15* process.c (proc_waitall): new method based on a patch from Brianmatz
2001-02-14* dir.c (dir_s_glob): supprt backslash escape of metacharactersmatz
2001-02-13gdbm typomatz
2001-02-13* io.c (rb_io_ctl): do not call ioctl/fcntl for f2, if f and f2matz
2001-02-08* parse.y (parse_quotedwords): %w should allow parenthesis escape.matz
2001-01-18* io.c (rb_io_s_read): new method to call IO#read frommatz
2001-01-09Add .cvsignore's.knu
2001-01-09* enum.c (enum_inject): new method.matz
2000-12-29thread_critical bug reported by Dave - matzmatz
2000-12-28changes from personal modifies -- matzmatz