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2002-12-21* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_alloc): allocator takes only one argument.usa
2002-12-21* array.c (ary_alloc), dir.c (dir_s_alloc), eval.c (thgroup_s_alloc),usa
2002-12-20* ext/curses/curses.c, ext/digest/digest.c, ext/dl/handle.c,nobu
2002-12-15*, defines.h, dir.c, dir.h, dln.c, error.c,uema2
2002-12-13* ext/dbm/extconf.rb (rb_check): support for GNU dbm 1.8.3.eban
2002-12-13* ext/dbm/extconf.rb (db_check): check existence of the functioneban
2002-12-12* (RUBY_PROG_GNU_LD): add $CFLAGS, $CPPFLAGS, $LDFLAGSeban
2002-12-11* ext/extmk.rb (create_makefile): -no-undefined -> --no-undefined.eban
2002-12-11* ext/digest/digest.c (rb_digest_base_copy): renamed "become".nobu
2002-12-09Fix the conversion method.ttate
2002-12-02* pack.c (utf8_to_uv): added checks for malformed or redundantmatz
2002-11-27* ext/syslog/syslog.c: Cut redundancy.knu
2002-11-27* ext/syslog/test.rb: Syslog.close should raise RuntimeError whenknu
2002-11-27* ext/digest/test.rb: Switch from RUnit to Test::Unit.knu
2002-11-27* ext/syslog/syslog.c: Fix a problem where Syslog#ident was notknu
2002-11-27* ext/syslog/test.rb: Switch from RUnit to Test::Unit.knu
2002-11-26dlsizeof() should handle 'S' and 's'.ttate
2002-11-25* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): return true if not dynamic and not static.eban
2002-11-13 * (DLDFLAGS): removed -Wl,-no-undefined tonobu
2002-11-09* ext/tcltklib/stubs.c: should include "util.h" for ruby_strdup.eban
2002-11-07Get rid of ineffective symbols, lines, constants and so on.ttate
2002-11-05fixed rb_ary2cary() to convert nil.ttate
2002-11-04* ext/extmk.rb: Properly pass the given target toknu
2002-11-03Fix a bogon in the last commit. (reported by WATANABE Tetsuya inknu
2002-11-03*, ext/extmk.rb, bcc32/Makefile.sub,knu
2002-10-31Bugfix for Importable::callback.ttate
2002-10-29* eval.c, file.c, gc.c, io.c, object.c, ruby.c, ruby.h, struct.c,knu
2002-10-28* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): use dummy_makefile to create dummynobu
2002-10-27ext/extmk.rb(78) : The unnecessary error when installing by bccwin32 is cont...H_Konishi
2002-10-27* djgpp/*: sync with the latest.eban
2002-10-25* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_indexes, fdbm_select): add a missingknu
2002-10-24* (LIBPATHFLAG): avoid $ substitution.nobu
2002-10-22* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): add install: target to dummy Makefile.nobu
2002-10-22* instruby.rb: add dryrun mode.nobu
2002-10-21* (XCFLAGS): CFLAGS to comile ruby itself.nobu
2002-10-17* win32ole.c(EVENTSINK_Invoke): set pvarResult.suke
2002-10-10* ext/tcltklib/stubs.c (ruby_tcltk_stubs): fix memory leak.eban
2002-10-07Fixed error messages and descriptions.ttate
2002-10-04* (RUBY_PROG_GNU_LD): check whether the linker is GNU ld.eban
2002-10-03* bcc32/mkexports.rb: to work on cygwin via telnet.nobu
2002-10-02Improve the description.ttate
2002-10-02* io.c (rb_io_wait_readable): handle retryable errors.nobu
2002-10-02* commit miss; and tcltklib fix too.matz
2002-10-01 * ext/socket/socket.c (init_sock): no need for special finalizer,nobu
2002-10-01* range.c (range_check): need no Fixnum check.matz
2002-09-28* ext/extmk.rb: The condition judgment without necessity was deleted.H_Konishi
2002-09-27Update the MANIFEST files.knu
2002-09-26Add a knob WITH_BUNDLED_ENGINES to