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2003-10-02* ext/iconv/iconv.c (iconv_fail): now yield erred substring, andnobu
2003-10-01* ext/etc/etc.c (etc_getgrent): typo.nobu
2003-10-01* signal.c (ruby_signal_name): adjust to the prototype.nobu
2003-10-01* ext/etc/etc.c: add new functions: setpwent, getpwent, endpwent,matz
2003-09-29* ext/win32ole/extconf.rb: add windows.h checking.eban
2003-09-29* eval.c (rb_thread_atfork): wrong format specifier.matz
2003-09-26* ext/socket/socket.c (ruby_connect): on win32, type of the 4thusa
2003-09-25 * ext/openssl/ossl.c (ossl_buf2str): fix type of 1st argument forusa
2003-09-24* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c, ext/openssl/ossl_pkey_dsa.c,nobu
2003-09-20* ext/openssl/ossl_ocsp.c (ossl_ocspreq_initialize): the argumentgotoyuzo
2003-09-17should check retuen value of rb_protect.gotoyuzo
2003-09-17fix command line in 'dep'.gotoyuzo
2003-09-17* ext/openssl: all files are reviewed to simplify and avoid memory leak.gotoyuzo
2003-09-12OpenSSL updatemichal
2003-09-12* bignum.c (rb_big_and): convert argument using 'to_int'.matz
2003-09-10* ext/openssl/ossl.h: define OSSL_NO_CONF_API for win32 platform.gotoyuzo
2003-09-10* eval.c (win32_get_exception_list): avoid VC7 warning.usa
2003-09-08* ext/openssl/ossl_config.rb: avoid compile error in OpenSSL-0.9.6.gotoyuzo
2003-09-08* multi-tk.rb: modify security check at creating a new interpreternagai
2003-09-08* ext/openssl/ossl_config.c (ext/openssl/ossl_config.c): typofix (ossl_raise).eban
2003-09-08* ext/openssl/ossl.h: include openssl/conf.h and openssl/conf_api.h.gotoyuzo
2003-09-07* tcltklib.c (lib_mainloop_core): fixed signal-trap bugnagai
2003-09-06* ext/openssl/ruby_missing.c: rid of unnecessary backwardgotoyuzo
2003-09-06* ext/openssl/ruby_missing.c: rid of unnecessary backwardgotoyuzo
2003-09-05* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/x509.rb: new method X509::Name::parse.gotoyuzo
2003-09-04* MANIFEST: add and remove entries for the previous ext/openssl/sample move.nahi
2003-09-04* ext/io/wait/.cvsignore: added.nahi
2003-09-04* sample/openssl: added. Sample of standard distribution library should benahi
2003-09-04Bug fix: [ruby-dev:21314] [BigDecimal] [BUG] Segmentation faultshigek
2003-09-03* ext/syck/token.c: headerless documents with root-level spacing nowwhy
2003-09-03Bug in mult method fixed.shigek
2003-09-02* ext/openssl/lib/net/protocols.rb (SSLIO#ssl_connect): warninggotoyuzo
2003-09-02* ext/socket/extconf.rb: check s6_addr8 in in6_addr (Tru64 UNIX).matz
2003-09-02* ext/tcltklib/tcltklib.c (ip_invoke): fixed bug on passing a exceptionnagai
2003-09-01* ext/iconv/iconv.c (map_charset): use lower case keys.nobu
2003-09-01* parse.y (aref_args): forgot to call NEW_SPLAT(). reported bymatz
2003-08-29The 2nd arg for add,sub,mult, and div is 0, then result will be same as +,-,*...shigek
2003-08-29limit inserted.shigek
2003-08-29mult & div instead of * & /.shigek
2003-08-29* doc/ChangeLog-1.8.0: add changes of Ruby/Tknagai
2003-08-27Forgot to round '*'.shigek
2003-08-26sqrt() error checking bug fixed.shigek
2003-08-26sqrt() speed up.shigek
2003-08-26* implicit.c (syck_type_id_to_taguri): corrected detection ofwhy
2003-08-23* ext/nkf/nkf.c (rb_nkf_putchar): should use rb_str_resize() to justnobu
2003-08-21* ext/syck/rubyext.c: refactoring of the transfer methodwhy
2003-08-21Int. overflow bug in multiplication fixed & VpNmlz() speed up.shigek
2003-08-20* ext/socket/socket.c (ruby_connect): many systems seem to havenobu
2003-08-19* ext/syck/syck.h: Parser definition problems on HP-UX. [ruby-talk:79389]why
2003-08-19to_s("+") implemented.shigek