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2020-08-27sed -i '\,2/extern.h,d'卜部昌平
Notes: Merged:
2020-08-25Promote nkf to default gemsHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-08-24Update documentation to document it yields a single argument [ci skip]Jeremy Evans
For a regular block, accepting two arguments is fine as the array will be autosplatted. However, a lambda that accepts two arguments will not work. We could change the implementation to yield two arguments instead of an array with a single argument, but that would be less backwards compatible. I'm only changing the call-seq to be precise, other examples pass a literal block that accepts two arguments, and I left those alone as that will be the most common usage. Fixes [Bug #17094]
2020-08-21ext/-test-/cxxanyargs: suppress SunPro warning卜部昌平
I found a way to suppress particular kind of warnings via pragmas. Notes: Merged:
2020-08-19Fix ObjectSpace.trace_object_allocations_stop to not raise if the tracepoint ↵Jean Boussier
were not initialized Notes: Merged:
2020-08-19RHASH_TBL: is now ext-only卜部昌平
It seems almost no internal codes use RHASH_TBL any longer. Why not just eliminate it entirely, so that the macro can be purely ext-only. Notes: Merged:
2020-08-18Update references when tracing allocationsAaron Patterson
The allocation tracing code keeps essentially a weak reference to objects that have been allocated (storing the allocation information along with the weak ref). Compacting the heap would break references in this weak map, so the wrong values could be returned. This commit just updates the values in the weak ref in order to fix the allocation tracing book keeping Notes: Merged:
2020-08-18Fixed the invalid SPDX identifier on gemspecHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-08-18Update the license for the default gems to dual licensesHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-08-18Fixed the attribute name for multiple licenses.Hiroshi SHIBATA
2020-08-17Fix method name escaping in ObjectSpace.dumpJohn Hawthorn
It's possible to define methods with any name, even if the parser doesn't support it and it can only be used with ex. send. This fixes an issue where invalid JSON was output from ObjectSpace.dump when a method name needed escaping. Notes: Merged:
2020-08-17Also escape DEL codeNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-08-17Fixed the radix for control charsNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-07-30[ruby/racc] Return `nil` for all syntax errorsMarc-Andre Lafortune
2020-07-30Promote io-nonblock to the default gems.Hiroshi SHIBATA
2020-07-30Promote io-wait to the default gemsHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-07-28Use https instead of httpKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2020-07-28[DOC] Clarify ObjectSpace return values are in bytes [ci skip]Simon Perepelitsa
Notes: Merged:
2020-07-23Avoid allocating a string when dumping an anonymous module or classJean Boussier
Notes: Merged:
2020-07-20[ruby/stringio] Bump version to 0.1.3Nobuyoshi Nakada Notes: Merged:
2020-07-20[ruby/stringio] No compatibility check in US-ASCII caseNobuyoshi Nakada Notes: Merged:
2020-07-20[ruby/stringio] Removed wrong UNREACHABLENobuyoshi Nakada Notes: Merged:
2020-07-20[ruby/stringio] Bump version to 0.1.2Nobuyoshi Nakada Notes: Merged:
2020-07-20[ruby/stringio] Raise an error if encoding conversion not succeededNobuyoshi Nakada
As `rb_str_conv_enc()` returns the argument string object itself unchanged when any conversion failed, check the incompatibility in that case. Fixes Notes: Merged:
2020-07-20Remove trailing spaces [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-07-17Fix MonitorMixin when the super's initialize has kwargsMasataka Pocke Kuwabara
Notes: Merged:
2020-07-10Fix missing imemo cases in objspace_dump by refactoringAlan Wu
imemo_callcache and imemo_callinfo were not handled by the `objspace` module and were showing up as "unknown" in the dump. Extract the code for naming imemos and use that in both the GC and the `objspace` module. Notes: Merged:
2020-07-06[ruby/bigdecimal] Version 2.0.1Kenta Murata Notes: Merged:
2020-07-06[ruby/bigdecimal] Return US-ASCII string from BigDecimal#to_sKenta Murata
Fixes #159 Notes: Merged:
2020-07-06[ruby/bigdecimal] Drop Ruby 2.3 supportKenta Murata Notes: Merged:
2020-07-06[ruby/bigdecimal] Support Ruby < 2.6Kenta Murata Notes: Merged:
2020-07-06[ruby/bigdecimal] Add Complex#to_dKenta Murata Notes: Merged:
2020-07-06[ruby/bigdecimal] Remove definition of BigDecimal#initialize_copyJeremy Evans
This leaves the default definition, which will raise FrozenError. Notes: Merged:
2020-07-06[ruby/bigdecimal] Support a Complex in Kernel.BigDecimal()Kenta Murata Notes: Merged:
2020-07-06[ruby/bigdecimal] Undef BigDecimal#initialize_copyJeremy Evans
Both BigDecimal#clone and BigDecimal#dup return self, there is no reason to have initialize_copy exposed as a Ruby method. The same is true for initialize_clone and initialize_dup. Notes: Merged:
2020-07-06Removed ext/bigdecimal/util/depend unused since ↵Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-07-01Merge json-2.3.1 from flori/jsonHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-07-01[flori/json] Typo fixMarc-Andre Lafortune
2020-07-01[flori/json] Added :call-seq: to RDOc for some methodsBurdetteLamar
2020-07-01[flori/json] Use frozen string for hash keyWatson
When use non-frozen string for hash key with `rb_hash_aset()`, it will duplicate and freeze it internally. To avoid duplicate and freeze, this patch will give a frozen string in `rb_hash_aset()`. ``` Warming up -------------------------------------- json 14.000 i/100ms Calculating ------------------------------------- json 148.844 (± 1.3%) i/s - 756.000 in 5.079969s ``` ``` Warming up -------------------------------------- json 16.000 i/100ms Calculating ------------------------------------- json 165.608 (± 1.8%) i/s - 832.000 in 5.025367s ``` ``` require 'json' require 'securerandom' require 'benchmark/ips' obj = [] 1000.times do |i| obj << { "id": i, "uuid": SecureRandom.uuid, "created_at": } end json = obj.to_json Benchmark.ips do |x| "json" do |iter| count = 0 while count < iter JSON.parse(json) count += 1 end end end ```
2020-07-01[flori/json] RDoc enhancementsBurdetteLamar
2020-07-01[flori/json] RDoc enhancementsBurdetteLamar
2020-07-01[flori/json] RDoc enhancementsBurdetteLamar
2020-07-01[flori/json] Rdoc enhancementsBurdetteLamar
2020-06-28[ruby/fiddle] support for very old libffiNobuyoshi Nakada
Define `Fiddle::TYPE_VARIADIC` only when `ffi_prep_cif_var` is available, otherwise skip the test for it.
2020-06-28[ruby/fiddle] try bundled libffi by defaultNobuyoshi Nakada
If no installed libffi found, use bundled libffi unless explicitly `--disable-bundled-libffi` option is given. Notes: Merged:
2020-06-27[ruby/fiddle] Support MSWIN (#43)Sutou Kouhei Notes: Merged:
2020-06-27[ruby/fiddle] Add missing includeSutou Kouhei Notes: Merged:
2020-06-27[ruby/fiddle] Add support for variadic argumentsSutou Kouhei
GitHub: fix GH-39 Reported by kojix2. Thanks!!! Notes: Merged:
2020-06-27[ruby/fiddle] Use meaningful variable nameSutou Kouhei Notes: Merged: