path: root/ext/tk/sample/tktextio.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-27Method name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27ivar name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27Typos in messagesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Documentation typosa_matsuda
2015-12-16handle ext/ as r53141naruse
2015-05-27Fix typo in samples for tk ext [skip ci]nobu
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2008-06-10* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: SEGV when tcltk-stubs is enabled.nagai
2007-01-29* ext/tk/sample/tktextio.rb: 'hist_size' option causes error.nagai
2006-11-06* ext/tk/lib/tk/itemconfig.rb: bug fix on 'itemconfiginfo' method, andnagai
2005-03-10* ext/tk/tcltklib.c (lib_eventloop_ensure): mis-delete a timer handlernagai
2005-03-09* ext/tk/sample/tktextio.rb: add show_mode which means that see wherenagai
2005-03-09* ext/tk/sample/tktextio.rb: fix bug of handling 'end' position.nagai
2005-03-08* ext/tk/sample/tktextio.rb: add commentnagai
2005-03-08* ext/tk/sample/tktextio.rb: New sample script. TkTextIO class in thisnagai