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2016-08-09* ext/tk: Tk is removed from stdlib. [Feature #8539]naruse
2015-12-28:warning: key "accelerator" is duplicated and overwritten in Tk samplesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo in Tk samplesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Method name typo in Tk samplesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo in Tk samplesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Typos in messagesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Documentation typosa_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo: widget (?)a_matsuda
2015-12-24fix common misspelling [ci skip]nobu
2015-12-16handle ext/ as r53141naruse
2013-06-17* ext/tk/extconf.rb: support s390x (Thanks to bkabrda) [ruby-trunk - Bug #5465]nagai
2013-04-24Typo by @windwiny [Fixes GH-295]zzak
2011-11-05* ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb, ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb,ktsj
2011-09-14Merge branch 'tk_utf8' into trunkayumin
2011-05-22* ext: remove trailing spaces.nobu
2009-07-12* ext/tk/extconf.rb: New strategy for searching Tcl/Tk libraries.nagai
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2008-06-16* ext/tk/sample/demos-jp/toolber.rb, ext/tk/sample/demos-en/toolber.rb:nagai
2008-06-12* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: [trial patch] On some environments, it givesnagai
2008-06-10* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: SEGV when tcltk-stubs is enabled.nagai
2008-03-29* ext/tk/*: full update Ruby/Tk to support Ruby(1.9|1.8) and Tc/Tk8.5.nagai
2007-12-21 * ext/tk/sample/tkextlib/vu/canvSticker2.rb,usa
2007-12-21Ruby/Tk :: provisional support on Ruby-VM and Tcl/Tk8.5.nagai
2007-12-21* regerror.c, string.c, io.c, lib/getoptlong.rb, lib/net/imap.rb,akr
2006-07-10* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: make SEGV risk lower at exit.nagai
2005-12-06* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: forgot to update RELEASE_DATE.nagai
2005-12-06* ext/tk/README.macosx-aqua: [new document] tips to avoid the knownnagai
2005-11-02* ext/tk/sample/demos-jp/widget: make the root window lower than thenagai
2005-09-22* ext/tk/sample/demos-en/tcolor.bak: remove.nagai
2005-04-07* sample/tkextlib/treectrl/*.rb: fixed typo. (wrong itemheight)ocean
2005-03-30* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: add TclTkIp#_create_console() method to createnagai
2005-03-13* ext/tk/lib/tk/timer.rb (TkRTTimer): correct calculation of offsetnagai
2005-03-10* ext/tk/tcltklib.c (lib_eventloop_ensure): mis-delete a timer handlernagai
2005-03-09* ext/tk/sample/demo-jp/floor.rb: bug on scrollbar assignmentnagai
2005-03-09* parse.y (gettable_gen): warns if VCALL name is used asmatz
2005-03-02* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: enforce thread-check and exception-handling tonagai
2005-01-25* ext/tcltklib/tcltklib.c: fix SEGV bug; trouble on canceling remainednagai
2004-12-16* ext/tk/sample/demos-en/widget: modify version check for supporting featuresnagai
2004-12-02* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb: widget configuration by TkWindow#method_missingnagai
2004-10-11* ext/tk/lib/tk/*: untabifynagai
2004-07-01* ext/tk/lib/tcltklib : bug fixnagai
2004-05-14* ext/tk/lib/tk/canvas.rb: improve coords support for canvas items.nagai
2004-05-01* renewal Ruby/Tknagai
2003-12-09* overrided instance methods, which are private methods on the supernagai
2003-10-21bug fixnagai
2003-10-17modify the message and comments on the sourcenagai
2003-10-16Add Tk::EncodedString and Tk::UTF8_String class to support charactersnagai
2003-10-14ext/tk/sample/demos-en/entry3.rb, ext/tk/sample/demos-jp/entry3.rb :nagai
2003-09-02* ext/tcltklib/tcltklib.c (ip_invoke): fixed bug on passing a exceptionnagai
2003-08-03* ready to use 'validatecommand' option of TkEntry/TkSpinbox widgetnagai