path: root/ext/socket/extconf.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-01-17* ext/socket: split files for each class.akr
2009-01-14* ext/socket/extconf.rb (gai_strerror): checks if available and ifnobu
2009-01-13* ext/socket/socket.c (rb_getaddrinfo): use getaddrinfo with GVL ifakr
2009-01-12 * ext/socket/extconf.rb: use headers instead of "netdb.h" in checkingusa
2008-08-09* (rb_cv_missing__dtos18, rb_cv_missing_fconvert),nobu
2008-08-06* eval_intern.h: Add support to Haiku. see [ruby-core:18110]naruse
2008-07-14 * ext/socket/extconf.rb: initialize winsock on win32 to avoid errorusa
2006-11-02* ext/socket/socket.c (ruby_getnameinfo__aix): AF_INET6 workaroundmatz
2006-09-02* ext/socket/extconf.rb: check arpa/inet.h for ntohs.akr
2006-05-25* ruby.h, lib/mkmf.rb (create_header): clear command line options fornobu
2005-10-21* intern.h, struct.c (rb_struct_iv_get): constified.ocean
2005-10-18* sorry, commit miss.usa
2005-10-18* ext/dl/depend, ext/dl/extconf.rb, ext/socket/depend,usa
2005-07-19* ext/socket/socket.c: sorry, BeOS also uses HAVE_CLOSESOCKET,ocean
2005-06-07* bignum.c (bignorm): fixed a bug in normalizing negative numbersmatz
2005-02-10*, win32/Makefile.sub (LIBS, COMMON_HEADERS): useusa
2005-02-06* ext/socket/extconf.rb (sockaddr_storage): winsock2.h have theusa
2005-02-06* ext/extmk.rb (extract_makefile): extract previously collectednobu
2004-01-02* dir.c: merge tuning from H.Yamamoto <>.matz
2003-10-15* marshal.c (w_object): dump extended modules as well.matz
2003-10-07* ext/socket/extconf.rb: useless assignment removed.akr
2003-10-06* ext/socket/extconf.rb: check recvmsg even if sendmsg is exists.akr
2003-10-01* ext/etc/etc.c: add new functions: setpwent, getpwent, endpwent,matz
2003-09-12* bignum.c (rb_big_and): convert argument using 'to_int'.matz
2003-09-02* ext/socket/extconf.rb: check s6_addr8 in in6_addr (Tru64 UNIX).matz
2003-07-30* (os2-emx): renamed from os2_emx, add flags tonobu
2003-07-29* marshal.c (w_object): if object responds to 'marshal_dump',matz
2003-07-24* eval.c (thgroup_add): no warning for terminated threads.matz
2003-05-06* numeric.c (num_step): remove epsilon; add margin of 0.5, to makematz
2002-09-08* lib/mkmf.rb (have_struct_member): moved from ext/socket/extconf.rb.eban
2002-06-11new platform [bccwin32] merged.H_Konishi
2002-06-04* ext/socket/extconf.rb: The IPv6 stack of Cygwin is still incomplete.eban
2002-06-04* string.c (rb_str_aset): should raise error if an indexing stringmatz
2002-04-19* ext/socket/extconf.rb: include <windows.h>, <winsock.h> on _WIN32.eban
2002-03-08* ext/socket/extconf.rb (have_struct_member): don't print checkedakr
2002-02-28* ext/socket/extconf.rb (have_struct_member): new method.akr
2001-12-03* ext/socket/extconf.rb: remove -L/usr/local/lib.eban
2001-02-13* io.c (rb_io_ctl): do not call ioctl/fcntl for f2, if f and f2matz
2000-05-13support mingw32.eban
1999-10-20marshal load GC protectmatz