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2007-11-19* parse.y (parser_yylex): should clear parser->tokp as well.matz
2007-11-13* (parse.c), ext/ripper/depend (ripper.c): process afternobu
2007-09-17* parse.y (ripper): rename event: arglist_* -> args_*.aamine
2007-07-06* parse.y (keyword_to_name): constified.nobu
2007-06-10* include/ruby: moved public headers.nobu
2007-06-08follow previous lex.c change.akr
2007-02-23* parse.y (lambda): add ripper event. This fixes bus error on "make test-all".aamine
2006-12-31 * Merge YARVko1
2006-06-26* ext/ripper/eventids2.c (token_assoc): added tCHAR, which is notnobu
2006-06-26* ext/socket/socket.c (sock_accept): revert to avoid ambiguity ofmatz
2006-06-24add extconf.h to .cvsignore.akr
2006-06-09* math.c (log2): may be a macro.nobu
2006-06-09* sprintf.c (rb_str_format): allow %c to print one charactermatz
2006-03-03* ext/dl/.cvsignore: ignore callback.h.aamine
2005-10-20* ext/ripper/tools/preproc.rb (prelude): do not append surplusnobu
2005-10-19* lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile): get rid of a restrictionnobu
2005-10-08* parse.y (rb_parser_malloc, rb_parser_free): manage parser stack onnobu
2005-09-23* ext/ripper: no longer generates .rb files.aamine
2005-09-23* ext/ripper/tools/generate.rb, ext/ripper/tools/preproc.rb: StringIOnobu
2005-09-22* test/ripper/depend: use --output option instead of redirect; nmake does not...aamine
2005-09-22* test/ripper/tools/generate.rb: check parser event arity.aamine
2005-09-22build fix (tmp)aamine
2005-09-22forgot to addaamine
2005-09-22* ext/ripper: refactoring code generation tools. [ruby-dev:27247] [ruby-dev:2...aamine
2005-09-22* ext/ripper/extconf.rb (have_command): replaced with find_executable.nobu
2005-09-21* ext/ripper/depend (SUFFIXES): no longer needed.usa
2005-09-19* ext/ripper/depend: do not make ripper/core.rb. [ruby-dev:26462]aamine
2005-09-19* ext/ripper/eventids2.c: add prefix `t' to lambda related lexer events.aamine
2005-09-19* parse.y (do_block): do_block event dispatches 2 args. [ruby-dev:26964]aamine
2005-09-05* parse.y (stmt, mlhs_node, lhs, arg, method_call): aref_args might benobu
2005-07-27* parse.y (lambda): Perl6 style -> lambda expression. [NEW]matz
2005-07-26* ext/ripper/lib/ripper/sexp.rb: new method Ripper.sexp_raw.aamine
2005-06-06* ext/ripper/depend: add .y to .SUFFIXES for nmake.usa
2005-06-02* parse.y: pragma support on ripper. [ruby-dev:26266]nobu
2005-04-14* parse.y [ripper] (regexp): dispatch regexp option. [ruby-Bugs:1688]aamine
2005-02-04* ext/ripper/lib/ripper/lexer.rb: last Lexer fix was incomplete; test all green.aamine
2005-02-04* ext/ripper/lib/ripper/filter.rb: ripper/tokenizer -> ripper/lexer. [ruby-de...aamine
2005-02-01* ext/ripper/lib/ripper/tokenizer.rb -> lexer.rb.aamine
2004-12-15* ext/ripper/extconf.rb: bison is not needed if ripper.c exists. [ruby-dev:25...aamine
2004-11-20* ext/ripper/.cvsignore: add entries.aamine
2004-11-20* ext/ripper/depend: fix ripper.o dependency.aamine
2004-11-18* ext/ripper/depend: Never regenerate lib/ripper/core.rb automatically. [ruby...aamine
2004-11-01* MANIFEST, ext/**/MANIFEST: removed.eban
2004-10-31* ext/ripper/MANIFEST: typofix(src.rb -> src_rb).eban
2004-10-09* ext/ripper/lib/ripper/filter.rb: require ripper/tokenizer.aamine
2004-09-23* ext/ripper/ removed.aamine
2004-09-22* parse.y [ripper]: on__scan event removed.aamine
2004-09-20* ext/ripper/lib/ripper/tokenizer.rb: fix typo.aamine
2004-09-20* test/ripper/test_scanner_events.rb: tokens must be reordered.aamine
2004-09-20* parse.y [ripper]: do not delay dispatching.aamine