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2017-02-10openssl: fix broken openssl checknobu
2017-02-10openssl: fix broken openssl checknobu
2017-01-31openssl: import v2.0.3rhe
2016-12-22openssl: import v2.0.2rhe
2016-12-10openssl: import v2.0.1rhe
2016-12-01openssl: import fixes from upstreamrhe
2016-11-30ossl.c: castnobu
2016-11-30openssl: import v2.0.0rhe
2016-11-29parse.y: ambiguous parenthesesnobu
2016-10-26[DOC] replace Fixnum with Integer [ci skip]nobu
2016-09-24fid typos [ci skip]nobu
2016-09-16* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ssl_npn_select_cb_common): Fix compile errorngoto
2016-09-08openssl: import v2.0.0.beta.2rhe
2016-08-29* remove trailing spaces.svn
2016-08-29import Ruby/OpenSSL 2.0.0.beta.1rhe
2016-08-06openssl: avoid undefined behavior on empty SSL_writenormal
2016-07-06Update dependenciesnobu
2016-06-29openssl: fix for OpenSSL 1.0.0trhe
2016-06-28* ext/digest/md5/md5ossl.h: Remove excess semicolons.ngoto
2016-06-19openssl: add OpenSSL::OCSP::SingleResponserhe
2016-06-19openssl: allow passing absolute times in OCSP::BasicResponse#add_statusrhe
2016-06-19openssl: implement initialize_copy for OpenSSL::OCSP::*rhe
2016-06-19openssl: implement initialize_copy method for PKey classesrhe
2016-06-19openssl: add 'const's required in OpenSSL masterrhe
2016-06-15openssl: refactor OpenSSL::OCSP::*#verifyrhe
2016-06-15openssl: allow specifying hash algorithm in OCSP::*#signrhe
2016-06-14openssl: add some accessor methods for OCSP::CertificateIdrhe
2016-06-14openssl: add missing #to_der to OCSP::{CertificateId,BasicResponse}rhe
2016-06-14openssl: fix acesssor functions for RSA and DH in openssl_missing.hrhe
2016-06-12openssl: support non AES-GCM AEAD ciphers in OpenSSL::Cipherrhe
2016-06-09openssl: use ASN1_ENUMERATED_to_BN() if neededrhe
2016-06-09openssl: fix build with OPENSSL_NO_ECrhe
2016-06-09openssl: fix build with OpenSSL 1.1.0 and no pkg-configrhe
2016-06-07openssl: adjust tests for OpenSSL 1.1.0rhe
2016-06-07openssl: add SSL::SSLContext#security_level{=,}rhe
2016-06-07openssl: avoid deprecated version-specific ssl methods if necessaryrhe
2016-06-06openssl: fix free function of OpenSSL::Cipherrhe
2016-06-06openssl: fix compile on VCrhe
2016-06-05openssl: use SSL_is_server()rhe
2016-06-05openssl: avoid d2i_ASN1_BOOLEAN()rhe
2016-06-05openssl: adapt to OpenSSL 1.1.0 opaque structsrhe
2016-06-05openssl: adapt OpenSSL::PKey to OpenSSL 1.1.0 opaque structsrhe
2016-06-05openssl: support OpenSSL 1.1.0's new multi-threading APIrhe
2016-06-05openssl: check existence of RAND_pseudo_bytes()rhe
2016-06-04openssl: avoid deprecated BN_*prime* functionsrhe
2016-06-01ossl_asn1.c: check overflownobu
2016-06-01openssl: fix the Year 2038 problemrhe
2016-05-30openssl: use NUM2TIMET() to convert Integer to time_trhe
2016-05-30openssl: add SSLContext#ecdh_curves=rhe
2016-05-28openssl: move SSLSocket#initialize to C extensionrhe