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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-05openssl: adapt to OpenSSL 1.1.0 opaque structsrhe
2016-06-05openssl: adapt OpenSSL::PKey to OpenSSL 1.1.0 opaque structsrhe
2016-06-05openssl: support OpenSSL 1.1.0's new multi-threading APIrhe
2016-05-25openssl: drop OpenSSL 0.9.6/0.9.7 supportrhe
2016-05-23openssl: use StringValueCStr() where NUL-terminated string is expectedrhe
2016-05-20openssl: improve handling of password for encrypted PEMrhe
2016-02-02Fix typo on OpenSSL::PKey doc [ci skip]nobu
2015-11-13Commit miss from r52556zzak
2015-11-13* ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c: Merge ruby/openssl@b9ea8ef [Bug #10735]zzak
2015-09-22* ext/openssl/*: Remove svn commit id macros to make sync easierzzak
2015-05-29openssl: wrapper object before allocnobu
2015-04-20* ext/openssl/*: use license instead of licence.hsbt
2015-02-16use rb_funcallvnobu
2014-12-12ossl_pkey.c: typed datanobu
2014-09-30protoize no-arguments functionsnobu
2014-04-16ossl_pkey.c: fix memory leaknobu
2012-04-14* variable.c (trace_ev): Removed "not reached" comment as this line isdrbrain
2011-11-14* ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c (ossl_pkey_new_from_file): set close-on-execakr
2011-10-19* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c: Remove set, but unused variables.emboss
2011-09-01* Release GVL while OpenSSL's public key generation.nahi
2011-08-16* ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c: corrected docs, OpenSSL::PKey::DH doesemboss
2011-08-07* ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (decode_eoc): remove unused variables.kosaki
2011-06-30* sytle fixes.nobu
2011-06-22* ext/openssl/ossl.h: Introduced OSSL_BIO_reset macro for PEM/DERemboss
2011-06-12* ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c: added module function that allowemboss
2011-05-19* lib: revert r31635-r31638 and untabify with expand(1).nobu
2011-05-18*ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c: Add documentation.emboss
2011-05-13Sat May 14 05:08:32 2011 Martin Bosslet <>emboss
2011-05-13Sat May 14 04:19:06 2011 Martin Bosslet <>emboss
2011-03-24* ext/openssl/ossl.c: surpress warning: shorten-64-to-32.naruse
2010-12-06Add toplevel documentation for OpenSSLdrbrain
2010-04-22* ext/**/*.[ch]: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2010-04-22* ext/**/*.[ch]: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2009-03-13* ext/openssl/openssl_missing.h (i2d_of_void): cast for callbacks.nobu
2008-07-22* ext/openssl: suppress warnings.nobu
2007-04-03* ext/openssl/ossl_bn.c: More documentation.technorama
2007-03-12* ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (Init_ossl_asn1): Let rdoc know aboutknu
2006-08-31* ruby.h (struct RString): embed small strings.matz
2005-03-09* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c: OpenSSL::SSL::SSLContexts suports callbacks:gotoyuzo
2004-01-08* ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c (ossl_pkey_to_der): removed; it returnsgotoyuzo
2003-09-17* ext/openssl: all files are reviewed to simplify and avoid memory leak.gotoyuzo
2003-09-12OpenSSL updatemichal
2003-09-06* ext/openssl/ruby_missing.c: rid of unnecessary backwardgotoyuzo
2003-07-23* ext/openssl: imported.gotoyuzo