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2019-02-23Merge json-2.2.0 from flori/json.hsbt
2016-08-30Fix rdoc of OpenStruct.json_create [ci skip]nobu
2016-07-14* ext/json/**/*.rb: merge original files from upstream repository.hsbt
2016-06-11* ext/json/lib/*.rb: Removed some comments. Because these are unnecessaryhsbt
2015-12-16handle ext/ as r53141naruse
2015-04-12* ext/json/*, test/json/*: Reverted r50231. Because it's not works withhsbt
2015-04-11* ext/json/*, test/json/*, defs/default_gems: Gemify JSON library.hsbt
2012-03-11Add missing files of r34971,naruse