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4 daysMerge JRuby implementation for stringio and io-waitHiroshi SHIBATA
4 days[ruby/io-nonblock] Remove unnecessary files from the gemNobuyoshi Nakada
4 days[ruby/io-nonblock] Rename `io_nonblock_mode` and extract `set_fcntl_flags`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-05-09[ruby/io-wait] bump up to 0.2.3Hiroshi SHIBATA
2022-04-26io.nonblock returns the block's value [ci skip]Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2022-04-24add description for IO.nonblock=.Tanaka Akira
2022-03-10[ruby/io-wait] Update version to 0.2.2.pre1 for testingCharles Oliver Nutter
2022-02-22[Feature #18249] Update dependenciesPeter Zhu
Notes: Merged:
2022-02-01[ruby/io-wait] Exclude rake files from packagesNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-02-01[ruby/io-wait] Make the gem a noop on Rubies older than 2.6Jean Boussier
Ref: Some gems depend on io-wait, but still support older rubies, so they have to chose between droping support or not listing io-wait. But io-wait could act a a noop on older rubies.
2022-02-01[ruby/io-wait] bump up to 0.2.2Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-01-24[ruby/io-wait] [DOC] Fix the return values [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
Even since 0.1.0, other than +true+ or +false+ may be returned.
2022-01-24[ruby/io-wait] Document mandatory require for using io/wait methodsapatniv
2021-12-29[ruby/io-console] bump up to 0.5.11Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-12-29Sync io-console gem.Samuel Williams
2021-12-25[ruby/io-console] bump up to 0.5.10Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-12-25[ruby/io-console] No longer support dead versionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-12-25Prefer to use RTEST when checking result of `rb_io_wait`. (#5341)Samuel Williams
* Prefer to use RTEST when checking result of `rb_io_wait`. * Consistently use false for signifying no events ready. Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2021-12-09[ruby/io-wait] Bump up 0.2.1Hiroshi SHIBATA
2021-11-21Update dependenciesNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-11-17ext/io/wait/depend: make it work for Ruby 3.1.0-devYusuke Endoh
Reverts because it fails on "update-deps" check in the ruby/ruby CI. ``` diff --git a/ext/io/wait/depend b/ext/io/wait/depend index 7b314b9..449e9fe 100644 --- a/ext/io/wait/depend +++ b/ext/io/wait/depend ... ``` Maybe now it does not work on Ruby 2.6. This file must be changed for each Ruby version. I have no good idea to fix this issue.
2021-11-16[ruby/io-wait] Fix dependency for ruby 2.6Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-11-16[ruby/io-wait] Allow earlier versionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-11-16[ruby/io-wait] Fix backward compatibility with earlier versionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-21[ruby/io-wait] Bump up io-wait version to 0.2.0Hiroshi SHIBATA
2021-10-05ruby tool/update-deps --fix卜部昌平
Notes: Merged:
2021-04-22[ruby/io-console] Move FFI console under libCharles Oliver Nutter
Having the separate dir makes testing difficult and doesn't reflect the structure the gem will eventually have. We can filter these files out if necessary when building the CRuby gem.
2021-04-22[ruby/io-console] Enable building the C extension on TruffleRuby.Duncan MacGregor
2021-04-21[ruby/io-wait] gemspec: Explicitly list 0 executablesOlle Jonsson
This gem exposes no executables, and this clarifies this.
2021-04-13dependency updates卜部昌平
Notes: Merged:
2021-03-28[ruby/io-console] bump up to 0.5.9Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-03-07[ruby/io-wait] Declare as Ractor-safeNobuyoshi Nakada
Fixes Notes: Merged:
2021-03-07[ruby/io-wait] bump up to 0.1.1Nobuyoshi Nakada Notes: Merged:
2021-03-07[ruby/io-wait] Fixed required_ruby_versionNobuyoshi Nakada
Before 3.0.0, io-wait has not been gemified. Notes: Merged:
2021-03-07[ruby/io-wait] Revise IO#wait argumentsNobuyoshi Nakada Notes: Merged:
2021-02-09[ruby/console] Updated dependNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-02-09[ruby/io-console] Fixed typoNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-02-09[ruby/io-console] Fixed regression against 3.0Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-02-09Expose scheduler as public interface & bug fixes. (#3945)Samuel Williams
* Rename `rb_scheduler` to `rb_fiber_scheduler`. * Use public interface if available. * Use `rb_check_funcall` where possible. * Don't use `unblock` unless the fiber was non-blocking. Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2021-01-16[ruby/io-console] Rubygems 3.2 supports `--platform` optionNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-16[ruby/io-console] Moved JRuby version files into particular pathNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-16[ruby/io-console] Delegate to JRuby versionNobuyoshi Nakada
Add `--platform` option tentatively.
2021-01-16[ruby/io-console] bump up to 0.5.7Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-05[ruby/io-console] Shrink struct query_argsNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-05[ruby/io-console] Pre-define chomp! IDNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-05[ruby/io-console] Ignore chomp! result and return the modified stringNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-05[ruby/io-console] [DOC] Note that IO#getpass returns a chomped stringMarcus Stollsteimer
IO#getpass uses String#chomp! on the read input line.
2020-12-03[ruby/io-wait] Added extensionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-03[ruby/io-wait] Fixed regexp to reject .travis* at the toplevel onlyNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-03[ruby/io-wait] Exclude dot-files for CIsNobuyoshi Nakada