path: root/ext/fiddle/fiddle.h
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2012-11-27reverting r37881tenderlove
2012-11-27* ext/fiddle/handle.c: Make Fiddle independent of DL, copy DL::Handletenderlove
2012-02-15* ext/fiddle/closure.c (callback): deal with unsinged integers.nobu
2011-01-05* Use _WIN32 rather than checking for windows.h. Thanks Jon Forums!tenderlove
2010-06-28* ext/fiddle/fiddle.h: fixed typo.nobu
2010-06-28* ext/fiddle/fiddle.h: added FFI type detection to avoid bug in ffitenderlove
2010-05-06* ext/fiddle/*: Adding fiddle library to wrap libffitenderlove