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2006-05-24* ext/extmk.rb: deal with $static set in extconf.rb.nobu
2006-05-17* ext/extmk.rb, lib/mkmf.rb: use BUILD_FILE_SEPARATOR in Makefiles.nobu
2006-03-03* lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils.cp_r): implement :remove_destinationakr
2006-02-20* mkconfig.rb: generate RbConfig instead of Config.akr
2005-11-16* (static-ruby): overridable.nobu
2005-10-25* (RUBY_EXTERN): macro to export symbols in sharednobu
2005-10-22* ext/extmk.rb, lib/mkmf.rb (with_config): support --with-extensionnobu
2005-10-16* ext/extmk.rb: omit non-existing directories.nobu
2005-08-04* extmk.rb (extmake): needs to be wrapped in an Array.nobu
2005-08-03* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): should not modify $mflags for eachnobu
2005-05-13* ext/extmk.rb: keep srcdir unexpanded.nobu
2005-04-18* eval.c (search_required, rb_require_safe): expand path innobu
2005-04-17* ext/extmk.rb (relative_from): treat mere drive letter as an absolutenobu
2005-04-17* ext/extmk.rb (extmake, parse_args): do not expand destdir.nobu
2005-04-08* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): hdrdir needs to be defined also innobu
2005-04-07* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): top_srcdir is based from ext directory.nobu
2005-04-07* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): keep directory names in Makefile as macros.nobu
2005-03-28* ext/extmk.rb (extract_makefile): nothing to be removed when no filenobu
2005-03-02* ext/extmk.rb (parse_args): return false if nothing matched.nobu
2005-02-19* ext/extmk.rb (extract_makefile): remove no longer existing installednobu
2005-02-10* ext/extmk.rb (extract_makefile): default to true if not compilednobu
2005-02-06* ext/extmk.rb (extract_makefile): extract previously collectednobu
2005-01-31*, made EXTOUT configurable.nobu
2004-11-01* ext/extmk.rb (MANIFEST): do not use anymore, use extconf.rb instead.eban
2004-09-02* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): extact target prefix from Makefiles.nobu
2004-05-06* ext/extmk.rb: get rid of side effect of Config.expand, patched bynobu
2004-04-22*, ext/extmk.rb: make ext and .ext get removed by distclean.nobu
2004-04-15* ext/extmk.rb: skip linking when libraries to be preloaded notnobu
2004-04-08* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): skip uncompiled extensions.nobu
2004-04-02* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): extract necessary variables for static linknobu
2004-03-23*, */Makefile.sub, (clean-local, distclean-local):nobu
2004-03-20* ext/extmk.rb: rm -rf $extout, not extout.eban
2004-03-18* mkconfig.rb: no longer embed srcdir and compile_dir intonobu
2004-02-22* ext/extmk.rb: $extstatic is Array or nil now. [ruby-talk:93383]nobu
2004-02-22* ext/extmk.rb: use optparse instead of getopts.nobu
2004-02-21* ext/extmk.rb: prefer relative path. [ruby-talk:93037]nobu
2004-02-17* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): $extout_prefix doesn't vary for libraries.nobu
2004-02-17* ext/extmk.rb (parse_args): delay expanding $(extout) until invokingnobu
2004-02-09* ext/extmk.rb, lib/mkmf.rb: rename $outdir to $extout.nobu
2004-02-09*, bcc32/Makefile.sub, win32/Makefile.sub,,nobu
2004-01-26* ext/extmk.rb: Makefiles should depend on also rbconfig.rb.nobu
2004-01-19* ext/extmk.rb, win32/Makefile.sub, win32/configure.bat,usa
2004-01-09* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): should not reduce necessary libraries.nobu
2004-01-07* ext/extmk.rb: preserve order in Setup. [ruby-dev:22503]nobu
2003-12-28* instruby.rb: fix install directory if destdir and compile_dir areusa
2003-12-03* ext/extmk.rb (MTIMES): let makefiles depend to mkmf.rb.nobu
2003-08-17* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): should not force to remake Makefile whennobu
2003-08-16* marshal.c (w_symbol, w_object): get rid of warnings.nobu
2003-08-12commit missnobu
2003-08-12* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): compact $extlibs.nobu