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2014-10-31* ext/dl/*: remove DL as it is replaced by Fiddle.tenderlove
2012-02-25* ext/dl/dl.c (Init_dl): support intrinsic types, size_t, ptrdiff_tnobu
2012-02-09* ext/dl/lib/types.rb: Win64 support.usa
2011-08-16* ext/dl: Add documentation. Patch by Vincent Batts. [Ruby 1.9 - Bug #5192]drbrain
2005-02-04added new files.ttate
2005-02-04remove all files to replace ruby-dl with ruby-dl2.ttate
2004-12-14devided DL::Types#encode_type into three methods.ttate
2004-11-25bugfix for [ruby-talk:121309].ttate
2004-11-25Use 'P' instead of 'p' in types.rb.ttate
2004-11-24improved encode_type() in types.rb for [ruby-talk:121175].ttate
2004-09-21should use 'c' for 'unsigned char ref'.ttate
2004-09-16added 'const char *' to use the type specifier 'S' instead of 'char *'.ttate
2003-11-08Bugfix for DL::Types::encode_type.ttate
2002-12-09Fix the conversion method.ttate
2002-04-11Add "unsigned short".ttate
2002-04-10Add/Fix types.ttate
2002-04-05Add dl/struct.rb.ttate
2002-04-03Add ext/dl/lib/dl/types.rb.ttate