path: root/ext/dl/extconf.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-02-25* ext/dl/dl.c (Init_dl): support intrinsic types, size_t, ptrdiff_tnobu
2012-02-09* ext/dl/extconf.rb: clang does not use -fno-defer-pop during compilation.nobu
2010-02-25* ext/dl: revert dl with libffi because it can't run on mswin now.naruse
2010-02-03Wed Feb 3 10:12:09 2010 Aaron Patterson <>tenderlove
2009-09-12* (GCC): subst for GCC depending extension libraries.nobu
2009-03-03* ext/dl/dl.c (rb_dl_init_callbacks): autoloads callbacks.nobu
2008-10-03* ext/dl/extconf.rb ($distcleanfiles): added callback-?.c intoyugui
2008-08-30* ext/dl/mkcallback.rb: split callback.h to callback-[0-9].c to reduceakr
2007-08-08* ext/dl/cptr.c (rb_dlptr_s_to_ptr): no longer checkmatz
2007-06-10* include/ruby: moved public headers.nobu
2006-02-20* mkconfig.rb: generate RbConfig instead of Config.akr
2005-10-18* sorry, commit miss.usa
2005-10-18* ext/dl/depend, ext/dl/extconf.rb, ext/socket/depend,usa
2005-02-04added new files.ttate
2005-02-04remove all files to replace ruby-dl with ruby-dl2.ttate
2003-11-08Add DL.win32_last_error and DL.last_error.ttate
2003-10-23* eval.c (ruby_cleanup): initialize stack bottom for embedding.nobu
2003-10-22--enable-dlstack is true in default.ttate
2002-10-21* (XCFLAGS): CFLAGS to comile ruby itself.nobu
2002-06-11new platform [bccwin32] merged.H_Konishi
2002-06-09* ext/dl: change the callback mechanism.ttate
2002-05-20Get rid of the declaration of rb_str_cat2().ttate
2002-05-11* ext/dl: enable dl's stack emulation for constructing function call.ttate
2002-05-11enable dl's stack emulation for constructing function call.ttate
2002-05-01Catch the exception SystemExit in extconf.rb.ttate
2002-04-03Merge Nakada's patch and define StringValuePtr for ruby-1.6.ttate
2002-04-02Add ruby-dlttate