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2016-10-20* remove trailing spaces.svn
2016-10-20* ext/digest/digest.c: Add documentation for Digest.hsbt
2016-07-06Update dependenciesnobu
2016-07-06Local header dependenciesnobu
2016-06-28* ext/digest/md5/md5ossl.h: Remove excess semicolons.ngoto
2016-04-11Update dependencies.akr
2015-12-16handle ext/ as r53141naruse
2015-11-21* ext/digest/*/*.[ch]: include ruby.h before digest.h to avoidnaruse
2015-04-15* doc/contributors.rdoc: fix a typo. Patch by @davydovantonhsbt
2015-02-11digest: CommonDigestnobu
2015-02-11digest: define Finish func from Final funcnobu
2015-02-11digest: common configurationsnobu
2015-02-10digest: no ID cachenobu
2014-12-19Update dependencies.akr
2014-11-21Update dependency.akr
2014-11-15Mark auogenerated part.akr
2014-11-15* Remove comments in Dependency lines.akr
2014-11-15* tool/update-deps: Extend to fix dependencies.akr
2014-10-05digest/*/extconf.rb: do not link openssl when using bundlednobu
2014-09-30ext/digest: hide metadata objects for internal usenobu
2014-09-30protoize no-arguments functionsnobu
2014-09-29digest: no check for hidden objectsnobu
2014-07-15ext/digest: return values of init and finalnobu
2013-04-13* lib/mkmf.rb: Add ruby/ruby.h, ruby/missing.h, ruby/intern.h,akr
2013-04-01sha2.c: suppress warningsnobu
2012-11-27extconf.rb: git rid of post-1.8 featurenobu
2012-05-01* revert r35510 and r35511 which caused removing the headers everytime.nobu
2012-05-01depends on ext/openssl/deprecation.rbnobu
2012-04-30* ext/digest/sha2/sha2.c (REVERSE32): exlicitly cast since unsignednobu
2012-04-30* ext/digest/*/extconf.rb: use pkg_config to use same library withnobu
2012-04-10* ext/digest/sha2/lib/sha2.rb (Digest#block_length): Fixed method namedrbrain
2012-02-27* ext/openssl/extconf.rb: suppress useless deprecation warningsnobu
2011-08-07* ext/digest/sha2/sha2ossl.c: use original SHA384_Final on DragonFly.naruse
2011-07-15* ext/digest/sha2/sha2.c (SHA256_Update, SHA512_Update): avoid Busnahi
2011-05-16 * ext/digest: Improve documentation of Digest, Digest::HMAC anddrbrain
2010-08-07.cvsignore: have not been used already. [Bug #3468]nobu
2010-04-22* ext/**/*.[ch]: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2010-04-22* ext/**/*.[ch]: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2010-04-21* ext/digest/sha2/extconf.rb: check SHA256_CTX and SHA512_CTX to fixakr
2010-02-24* ext/digest/extconf.rb: use OpenSSL only when all transformnobu
2010-02-22* ext/digest/sha2/sha2init.c: test OpenSSL more strictly.akr
2010-02-22* ext/digest/sha2: Use OpenSSL's SHA1 engine if available.nobu
2009-08-06* ext/digest/sha2/sha2.c: The ULL suffix is not supported byknu
2009-08-06* ext/digest/*/extconf.rb: inttypes.h and unistd.h need not beknu
2009-08-06 * ext/digest/sha2/lib/sha2.eb: should require
2009-08-06 * ext/digest/sha2/sha2.c (*_Final): typos.usa
2009-08-06* ext/digest/sha2/sha2.h (BYTE_ORDER): Define BYTE_ORDER asknu
2009-08-05* ext/digest/sha2/sha2.[ch]: Update to 1.0 RELEASE which fixes anknu
2008-09-01* ext/digest/md5/md5init.c (md5), ext/digest/rmd160/rmd160init.cnobu
2006-12-11* ext/digest/sha2/lib/sha2.rb: Moved one level up from underknu