path: root/ext/digest/lib/digest.rb
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2006-10-21* ext/digest/lib/digest.rb: Follow the framework updates.knu
2006-10-20* ext/digest: Prefix C constants with RUBY_ and C type names withknu
2006-10-13* ext/digest/lib/digest.rb (Digest): Try to auto-load non-standardknu
2006-09-29* ext/digest/lib/digest.rb (Digest): Require and fix theknu
2006-09-14* ext/digest/lib/digest.rb (Digest::Base.file): open a file in binaryakr
2006-09-14add a document for Digest::Base.file.akr
2006-09-14* ext/digest/lib/digest.rb (Digest::Base.file): new method.akr
2006-09-13* ext/digest/lib/digest.rb: new file.akr