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2011-11-11* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: db_prefix is not required now.akr
2011-11-11* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: fix dbm_pagfno and dbm_dirfno detection withakr
2011-11-11add comment.akr
2011-11-10add comment.akr
2011-11-10* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: set DB_DBM_HSEARCH macro to check dbm_pagfno andnobu
2011-11-10* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: check for dsize as LONG_LONG.nobu
2011-11-08* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_fetch, fdbm_key, fdbm_delete, fdbm_store)nobu
2011-11-07add comment.akr
2011-11-07* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: check dbm_pagfno() and dbm_dirfno().akr
2011-11-04* whitespace cleanup.nobu
2011-11-01add comment.akr
2011-10-31* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_initialize): use O_CLOEXEC if available.akr
2011-03-21* enc/utf_16le.c: surpress warning: shorten-64-to-32.naruse
2011-02-06* ext/dbm/dbm.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2011-01-28 * ext/dbm/extconf.rb: Added new header places for Fedora13.kosaki
2010-10-20* ext/dbm/dbm.c: rdoc based on a patch by mathew meta ATnobu
2010-08-07.cvsignore: have not been used already. [Bug #3468]nobu
2010-07-16* ext/dbm/dbm.c (struct dbmdata, fdbm_key, fdbm_delete_if): fixednobu
2010-06-11* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: accept Berkley DB version 3, 4 and 5.mame
2010-04-22* ext/**/*.[ch]: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2009-03-23* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_initialize): Make the file variableknu
2008-11-07* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_index): make #index warn like Hash.matz
2008-10-20* include/ruby/ruby.h (ExportStringValue): new macro to convertmatz
2008-06-08* array.c, bignum.c, cont.c, dir.c, dln.c, encoding.c, enumerator.c,ko1
2008-04-21 * ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_each_value, fdbm_each_key, fdbm_each_pair):knu
2008-01-06* $Date$ keyword removed to avoid inclusion of locale dependentakr
2007-12-25* enum.c (enum_yield): when multiple values yielded from #eachmatz
2006-09-16* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: allow multiple candidates for dbm-type.nobu
2006-09-04* ext/dbm/extconf.rb: create makefile according to the result of checknobu
2006-09-04* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::out): specify -x option for nkf.matz
2006-09-02* ruby.h (struct RArray): embed small arrays.matz
2006-08-31* ruby.h (struct RString): embed small strings.matz
2006-06-25add extconf.h.akr
2006-05-25* ruby.h, lib/mkmf.rb (create_header): clear command line options fornobu
2006-02-13* parse.y (parser_parse_string): mention "regexp" in a errormatz
2006-02-03* eval.c: unify ruby_class (for method definition) and ruby_cbasematz
2005-09-24banish some warnings.akr
2005-06-20* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_closed): new method DBM#closed?usa
2005-06-04* test/dbm/test_dbm.rb: merged from ext/dbm/testdbm.rb.akr
2004-12-09* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_select): [ruby-dev:25132]matz
2004-11-14* string.c (rb_str_clear): avoid revealing NULL pointer.matz
2004-11-01* MANIFEST, ext/**/MANIFEST: removed.eban
2004-10-19* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_delete_if): should check if deleting elementmatz
2004-10-19* io.c (read_all): block string buffer modification duringmatz
2004-06-11* array.c: remove #indexes, #indices.matz
2004-05-16* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_initialize): accept optional 3rd argument toakr
2004-05-08* io.c (rb_f_open): open should not ignore block when "to_open"matz
2004-05-07* parse.y (string_content): turn off NODE_NEWLINE flag to avoidmatz
2003-10-16consistent parentheses in assignment RHS.matz
2003-07-24* lib/mkmf.rb (have_type): check if a type is defined.nobu