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2013-06-06* internal.h (rb_int_export): countp argument is split intoakr
2013-06-06* bignum.c (rb_int_import): New function.akr
2013-06-06Specify dependencies.akr
2013-06-06* Invoke RUBY_REPLACE_TYPE for size_t.akr
2013-05-27* vm_trace.c (rb_postponed_job_register_one): fix iteration bug.ko1
2013-05-27suppress warningsnobu
2013-05-27* include/ruby/ruby.h, gc.c: add new internal eventko1
2013-05-27* include/ruby/ruby.h: rename RUBY_INTERNAL_EVENT_FREE toko1
2013-05-27* include/ruby/ruby.h, gc.c, vm_trace.c: add internal events.ko1
2013-05-26* ext/-test-/postponed_job/postponed_job.c: fix `init' function name.ko1
2013-05-26* include/ruby/debug.h, vm_trace.c: add rb_postponed_job API.ko1
2013-04-14* ext/-test-/debug/depend: New file.akr
2013-04-13* lib/mkmf.rb: Add ruby/ruby.h, ruby/missing.h, ruby/intern.h,akr
2013-04-05ext/-test-/win32/dln: remove static librarynobu
2013-04-03bignum.c: Bignum zero comparisonnobu
2013-04-02* ext/-test-/num2int/num2int.c: Define utility methodsakr
2013-04-01* ext/-test-/num2int/num2int.c: Rename utility methodsakr
2013-04-01* ext/-test-/num2int/num2int.c: Return string for result, instead ofakr
2013-03-31* include/ruby/ruby.h (FIX2ULONG): Make it consistent with NUM2ULONG.akr
2013-02-21Add test for [Backport #7896] [ruby-core:52607]naruse
2013-02-08eval.c: preserve errinfonobu
2013-01-29debug: trivial fixesnobu
2013-01-29* vm_backtrace.c: fix issue of rb_debug_inspector_open().ko1
2013-01-29proc.c: original aritynobu
2012-12-18* vm.c (rb_vm_make_jump_tag_but_local_jump): take care of the casenagachika
2012-08-12* vm.c (invoke_block_from_c): fix unintentional block passing.ktsj
2012-06-04Suppress warnings.naruse
2012-06-04compatible loadernobu
2012-06-02Add a test for r35863.naruse
2012-05-25* trunk/ext/-test-/printf/printf.c: change function names because ofusa
2012-05-25* test/-ext-/test_printf.rb: tests for [Feature #5896].nobu
2012-05-08* include/ruby/win32.h (FD_SET): change function to macro.shirosaki
2012-04-28* ext/-test-/win32/dln/extconf.rb: remove test DLL.nobu
2012-04-19* ext/-test-/win32/dln/extconf.rb: need import library for ordinalnobu
2012-04-17* ext/-test-/win32/dln/extconf.rb: fix for mingw.nobu
2012-04-17* ext/-test-/win32/dln/extconf.rb: add to cleanfiles iff cleanobjs is set.nobu
2012-04-17* ext/-test-/win32/dln/extconf.rb: add test dll files to cleanfiles.nobu
2012-04-17* ext/-test-/win32/dln/extconf.rb: remove unnecessary local variable.nobu
2012-04-17* dln.c (rb_w32_check_imported): skip ordinal entries. based on anobu
2012-04-14* variable.c (trace_ev): Removed "not reached" comment as this line isdrbrain
2012-04-10* error.c (rb_enc_raise): new function to raise an exception withnobu
2012-03-31* hash.c: remove unnecessary checks for Qundef in hash iterations.nobu
2012-03-29* st.c (st_update): pass pointer to key to the callback function.nobu
2012-03-29* st.c (st_update): add existing parameter to the callback function.nobu
2012-03-18num2ll and num2ullnobu
2012-03-10* st.c: add st_foreach_check for fixing iteration over packed tablenobu
2012-03-10* st.c: fix packed num_entries on delete_safe. patched by Sokolovnobu
2012-02-08* string.c (rb_str_modify_expand): fix memory leak.nobu
2012-02-07* st.c (st_update): table can be unpacked in the callback.nobu