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2015-10-05eval_intern.h: pass_passed_blocknobu
2015-07-17compile.c: use ruby_tag_typenobu
2015-06-05* internal.h: move definition of rb_cref_t to method.h.ko1
2015-06-03* vm_method.c: rename `rb_frame_...' to `rb_scope_...'.ko1
2015-06-03* method.h: split rb_method_definition_t::flag to several flags.ko1
2015-05-31* eval_intern.h, vm_method.c: move macros to functions.ko1
2015-03-11* internal.h, eval_intern.h: move CREF accessors.ko1
2015-03-11* vm_insnhelper.h: use T_IMEMO to create THROW_DATA.ko1
2015-03-10* eval_intern.h (THROW_DATA_P): use RB_TYPE_P() instead ofko1
2015-03-10* vm_insnhelper.h: define struct THROW_DATA to representko1
2015-03-08* internal.h: define rb_cref_t and change to use it.ko1
2015-03-08* internal.h: define CREF accessor macros.ko1
2015-01-16* eval_intern.h, vm.c, vm_eval.c, vm_insnhelper.c:ktsj
2014-07-26eval_error.c: rb_print_inaccessiblenobu
2014-06-18constify parametersnobu
2014-05-28eval_intern.h: suppress warning by gcc 4.6nobu
2014-05-15Handle machine stack overflow on mingwnobu
2014-04-04eval_intern.h: VAR_INITIALIZEDnobu
2014-04-02eval_intern.h: __builtin_longjmp requires literal 1 on gcc 4.9nobu
2014-02-05eval_intern.h: use TH_TMPPOP_TAG and TH_REPUSH_TAGnobu
2013-11-21* eval_intern.h (SAVE_ROOT_JMPBUF): workaround for the failure ofusa
2013-11-19eval_jump.c: reuse same tagnobu
2013-11-18eval_intern.h: refine stack overflow detectionnobu
2013-11-05eval_intern.h: rename prefixnobu
2013-11-04eval_intern.h: avoid undefined behavior of setjmpnobu
2013-05-18vm_core.h: move jmpbuf between tag and prevnobu
2013-05-17eval_intern.h: jmpbuf must be accessiblenobu
2013-04-24* Check mblen().akr
2012-12-28* check for the whether crt_externs.h is present when compilingcharliesome
2012-12-25* vm_core.h, eval_intern.h (CHECK_STACK_OVERFLOW): moveko1
2012-12-18* vm.c (rb_vm_jump_tag_but_local_jump): remove unnessesary 2ndnagachika
2012-11-09Fix build when gcc is used and the platform's libc lacks alloca().knu
2012-06-11* vm_core.h: remove lfp (local frame pointer) and renameko1
2011-07-26* eval_error.c (rb_print_undef_str): new function to raisenobu
2011-07-10* thread_pthread.c (rb_thread_create_timer_thread): removedkosaki
2011-06-16* fix for build on solaris 10.nobu
2011-05-18* eval.c (setup_exception): internal exception should be hiddennobu
2011-01-17* eval_intern.h: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-11-15* eval_intern.h (CHECK_STACK_OVERFLOW): it was not intended to addmame
2010-06-17* load.c (rb_load_internal): remove call to rb_realpath_internalmame
2010-06-03* load.c (ruby_init_ext): statically linked extensions have nonobu
2010-05-13* vm_core.h (rb_vm_get_sourceline): moved from eval_intern.h fornobu
2010-05-11* eval_intern.h (rb_vm_get_sourceline): add prototype.nobu
2009-12-23* iseq.c (iseq_s_disasm): return nil for native methods.nobu
2009-10-12* thread.c: Revert changes to Thread#raise made in r25278 [ruby-core:25367]marcandre
2009-10-10* eval.c (rb_threadptr_errinfo): renamed.nobu
2009-10-10* thread.c (rb_threadptr_execute_interrupts_rec, rb_threadptr_raise): Thread#...marcandre
2009-09-17* eval_intern.h: use rb_node_newnode() directly.ko1
2009-06-08* thread.c: rename functions which require a parameterko1
2009-05-17* ruby.c (ruby_script): sets also VM toplevel program name.nobu