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2003-05-29* eval.c (ev_const_defined, ev_const_get), variable.cnobu
2003-05-27* eval.c, util.c: removed duplicated includes/defines.nobu
2003-05-26* eval.c (Init_Proc): Block/Proc separation. [huge change]matz
2003-05-23* eval.c (rb_longjmp): wrong jump.nobu
2003-05-23* eval.c (rb_longjmp): get rid of reentering while debug warning.nobu
2003-05-23* eval.c (ruby_finalize): turn off ruby_debug flag before callingmatz
2003-05-22* eval.c (rb_define_alloc_func): need not to disablematz
2003-05-21* eval.c (rb_eval): splat NODE_RESTARY. [ruby-dev:20268]nobu
2003-05-21* eval.c (rb_thread_fd_close): raise for writing threads.nobu
2003-05-21* error.c (syserr_initialize): prohibit specifying errno formatz
2003-05-20* eval.c (rb_thread_save_context): prohibit rb_gc_force_recycle()matz
2003-05-20* eval.c (rb_yield_0): give warning for multiple values for amatz
2003-05-20* eval.c (rb_f_missing): create exception instance by ordinalnobu
2003-05-19* ext/pty/pty.c (pty_finalize_syswait): join (using Thread#value)matz
2003-05-19* object.c (init_copy): rename copy_object as initialize_copy,matz
2003-05-19* array.c (get_inspect_tbl): check whether inspect_tbl value is amatz
2003-05-16* eval.c (block_pass): chain previous block to the pushing block.matz
2003-05-13* eval.c (error_pos): use $deferr for output instead of stderrmatz
2003-05-02* string.c (rb_str_ljust): now takes optional argument to specifymatz
2003-04-25* eval.c (splat_value): split splat_value() and avalue_splat().matz
2003-04-25* eval.c (proc_invoke): Proc#yield should pass through retry andmatz
2003-04-10* variable.c (rb_mod_name): always return empty string formatz
2003-04-09* eval.c (rb_obj_is_method): indefinite return value.nobu
2003-04-09* variable.c (rb_obj_remove_instance_variable): better message.matz
2003-04-09* bignum.c (BIGZEROP): macro to determine if x is a bignum zero.matz
2003-04-08* eval.c (Init_Proc): make Method and UnboundMethod independent.matz
2003-04-07* ext/socket/socket.c (sock_s_unpack_sockaddr_in): remove structmatz
2003-04-04* eval.c (assign): should prepare mrhs by svalue_to_mrhs().matz
2003-04-03* eval.c (rb_f_missing): use "inspect" for T_OBJECT as well.matz
2003-03-29* eval.c (avalue_to_svalue): use rb_check_array_type() again.matz
2003-03-26* eval.c (avalue_splat): new function to do unary * (splat)matz
2003-03-25* eval.c (rb_yield_0): call avalue_to_mrhs() to assign blockmatz
2003-03-25* io.c (rb_io_initialize): should check rb_secure(4).matz
2003-03-24security enhancement of dl library (need test).matz
2003-03-21* regex.c (re_compile_pattern): give warning for unescaped squarematz
2003-03-21* eval.c (bmcall): missing type.nobu
2003-03-20* eval.c (load_dyna): clear ruby_errinfo. (ruby-bugs-ja PR#409)matz
2003-03-20* eval.c (bmcall): add volatile to avoid GC problem.akr
2003-03-10* eval.c (massign): remove unnecessary array unpacking; it shouldmatz
2003-03-10* file.c (rb_find_file): need world writable directory check formatz
2003-03-08* eval.c (massign): fix a bug not to expand in assigment to solenobu
2003-03-07* parse.y (dsym): :"symbol string" style should not contain `\0'.matz
2003-02-27* string.c (str_new): need no MEMZERO().matz
2003-02-21* eval.c (rb_f_require): do not need to abort if a DLEXT fileeban
2003-02-21* eval.c (rb_thread_remove): back outt changes.matz
2003-02-20* eval.c (rb_thread_remove): thread may die in the process ofmatz
2003-02-20*** empty log message ***nobu
2003-02-20* parse.y (clhs): allow "Foo::Bar = x".matz
2003-02-19* eval.c (rb_thread_restore_context): inhibit interrupts innobu
2003-02-19* node.h (nd_cpath): nested class/module declaration.nobu