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2013-09-04* class.c, compile.c, eval.c, gc.h, insns.def, internal.h, method.h,charliesome
2013-09-03* eval.c (Init_eval): Make Module#include and Module#prepend publica_matsuda
2013-07-31* eval.c (rb_mod_refine, mod_using, top_using): don't showshugo
2013-07-01* eval.c (rb_using_module): activate refinements in the ancestors ofshugo
2013-06-24* eval_error.c (warn_printf): use rb_vsprintf instead so ruby specificcharliesome
2013-06-22* include/ruby/ruby.h, gc.c: rename macros and functions:ko1
2013-06-22* class.c (rb_include_class_new), eval.c (rb_using_refinement):ko1
2013-06-13eval.c: use local variablenobu
2013-06-12* eval.c (mod_using): new method Module#using, which activatesshugo
2013-06-12* safe.c (rb_set_safe_level, safe_setter): raise an ArgumentErrorshugo
2013-06-07* internal.h (numberof): Gathered from various files.akr
2013-05-25eval.c: rb_frame_callee returns current namenobu
2013-05-19fix typos. Patch by k_takata.ktsj
2013-05-13* include/ruby/ruby.h: constify RBasic::klass and addko1
2013-05-01eval.c: use predefined IDsnobu
2013-04-04reduce overhead of TYPEnobu
2013-02-08eval.c: preserve errinfonobu
2013-01-24re-fix documentsnobu
2013-01-24fix documents. __dir__ is a shorthand File.realdirpath(__FILE__).nari
2013-01-24Refix of r38916: it uses realpathnaruse
2013-01-24 fix rdoc of __dir__ [Bug #7729]naruse
2013-01-24* eval.c (f_current_dirname): Add documentation about "__dir__nari
2013-01-17* eval.c: Fix a typo in ruby_finalize() documentation.kou
2013-01-07* eval.c (Init_eval): main.include should be private.shugo
2013-01-07* eval.c (Init_eval): enable Refinements by default.shugo
2012-12-29use RB_TYPE_Pnobu
2012-12-11* eval.c (rb_using_refinement): make the method table of an iclassshugo
2012-12-10* fix the behavior when a module is included into a refinement.shugo
2012-12-08* eval.c (rb_mod_refine): don't override Module#include. It'sshugo
2012-12-08* eval.c: remove Module#refinements.shugo
2012-12-08* eval.c (top_using): raise a RuntimeError if using is called in ashugo
2012-12-08* eval.c (rb_mod_refine): raise an ArgumentError if a givenshugo
2012-12-08* eval.c (rb_mod_refine), vm_eval.c (rb_yield_refine_block):shugo
2012-12-07* vm_eval.c (yield_under, eval_under): do not activate refinementsshugo
2012-12-06* eval.c (ruby_Init_refinement): a new function to enableshugo
2012-12-06* revised r37993 to avoid SEGV/ILL in tests. In r37993, a methodshugo
2012-12-01adjust style.nobu
2012-11-30* revert r37993 to avoid SEGV in tests.shugo
2012-11-29* vm.c: add a return hook when a method raises an exception.tenderlove
2012-11-29* vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_make): add a method entry withshugo
2012-11-29* eval.c (ruby_cleanup): delay THREAD_KILLED timing.ko1
2012-11-27* eval.c (ruby_cleanup): set thread status to THREAD_KILLEDkosaki
2012-11-20* vm_trace.c: add two methods:ko1
2012-11-13* eval.c (rb_mod_using): raise an ArgumentError if cyclic using isshugo
2012-11-12* probes.d: add DTrace probe declarations. [ruby-core:27448]tenderlove
2012-11-11* eval.c (top_using): remove Kernel#using, and add main.using instead.shugo
2012-11-11* eval.c (rb_using_refinement, rb_mod_using, f_using): clear methodshugo
2012-11-07* eval.c (rb_mod_refine): set RMODULE_IS_REFINEMENT to a createdshugo
2012-11-03* eval.c (f_current_dirname): add the new method for Kernel.nari
2012-11-02* object.c (rb_mod_to_s): Module#{to_s,inspect}, when invoked onshugo