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2008-06-04merge revision(s) 13586:shyouhei
2007-09-07 * eval.c (mnew): should preserve noex as safe_level.shyouhei
2007-08-15 * eval.c (get_backtrace): check the result more.shyouhei
2007-06-07* eval.c (method_inspect): show proper class name.shyouhei
2007-05-26* eval.c (mnew): call of super via a method object should work again.shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12187shyouhei
2007-03-08* merge -c 11972shyouhei
2007-03-08* merge -c 11965shyouhei
2007-01-31* removed svn:keywords for compatibility.shugo
2007-01-27* parse.y (dyna_var_lookup): should not alter dvar->val not toshyouhei
2006-08-07* dln.c, eval.c, gc.c, regex.c, ruby.h: shut up AIX allocamatz
2006-08-01* eval.c (Init_Binding): fix old commit miss.nobu
2006-07-31* ruby.h: use ifdef (or defined) for macro constants that may ormatz
2006-07-30* eval.c (rb_call0): trace call/return of method defined from block.nobu
2006-07-30* eval.c (rb_trap_eval): make the current thread runnable to deal withnobu
2006-07-24* eval.c (backtrace): skip frames successive on node and method name.nobu
2006-07-24* eval.c (rb_call0): revert last change. [ruby-dev:29112]matz
2006-07-21* eval.c (rb_call0): include funcalled methods in caller list.nobu
2006-07-20* ruby.h: export classes/modules to implement sandbox.matz
2006-07-15* eval.c (rb_require_safe): wait for another thread requiring the samenobu
2006-07-13* array.c (rb_ary_pop): may cause realloc oscillation. a patchmatz
2006-07-10* signal.c (ruby_nativethread_signal, posix_nativethread_signal,nagai
2006-07-10* eval.c (rb_clear_cache_for_undef): clear entries for includednobu
2006-07-08* eval.c (next_jump): deal with destination of next.nobu
2006-06-26* util.c (powersOf10): constified.nobu
2006-06-23* signal.c: revert last change.nagai
2006-06-21* signal.c (ruby_nativethread_signal, posix_nativethread_signal,nagai
2006-06-07* eval.c (rb_call0): binding for the return event hook should havematz
2006-05-22* eval.c (umethod_bind): should not update original class.matz
2006-05-22* eval.c (ev_const_get): should support constant access frommatz
2006-04-19* parse.y (arg): too much NEW_LIST()matz
2006-04-19* eval.c (rb_eval): use ARGSCAT for NODE_OP_ASGN1.matz
2006-04-17* eval.c: block_unique should be 1, not frame_unique.matz
2006-03-28* eval.c (backtrace): reports aliased method names in a generatedmatz
2006-03-23* eval.c (method_missing): should support argument splat inmatz
2006-03-03* lib/rdoc/ri/ri_paths.rb (RI::Paths): adding paths from rubygemsmatz
2006-02-23* eval.c (SETUP_ARGS0): fixed memory corruption. [ruby-dev:28360]ocean
2006-02-20* lib/rational.rb (Integer::gcd): replaced by gcd4 inmatz
2006-02-17* eval.c (rb_thread_wait_for): sleep should always sleep formatz
2006-02-15* eval.c (backtrace): frame->orig_func may not be initialized.matz
2006-02-15* eval.c (rb_eval): NODE_OP_ASGN1 should allow splat in itsmatz
2006-02-15* eval.c (yield_under_i): should not pass self as an argument tomatz
2006-02-15* eval.c (rb_obj_instance_eval): should no singleton classes formatz
2006-02-14* eval.c (DMETHOD_P): accessing wrong frame. [ruby-dev:28181]matz
2006-02-13* eval.c (rb_call0): argument update propagation. [ruby-dev:28044]matz
2006-02-13* eval.c (eval): should push class from binding if supplied.matz
2006-02-11* eval.c (eval): no need to push ruby_class. [ruby-dev:28176]matz
2006-02-04* eval.c: apply the FreeBSD getcontext/setcontext workaroundakr
2006-02-02* eval.c (eval): need not to protect $SAFE value.matz
2006-01-22* eval.c (POST_GETCONTEXT): define separately from PRE_GETCONTEXT onakr