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2013-01-24* enumerator.c: Fix state handling for Lazy#takemarcandre
2013-01-14* enumerator.c (lazy_flat_map_func): flat_map should call each onlyshugo
2013-01-14* enumerator.c: Require block for Lazy#{take|drop}_while [Bug #7692]marcandre
2013-01-14* enumerator.c: Fix size for Enumerator::Lazy#flat_mapmarcandre
2013-01-13* enumerator.c: Fix rdoc typo (thanks to Yutaka HARA)marcandre
2012-12-29use RB_TYPE_Pnobu
2012-12-01adjust style.nobu
2012-11-07* include/ruby/intern.h: Restore rb_enumeratorize as it was before r37497marcandre
2012-11-06enum.c: prefixnobu
2012-11-06adjust stylenobu
2012-11-06* enumerator.c: Support for lazy.cycle.sizemarcandre
2012-11-06* enumerator.c: Add support for lazy.drop.sizemarcandre
2012-11-06* enumerator.c: Support for lazy.take.sizemarcandre
2012-11-06* enumerator.c: Support for lazy.{map|flat_map|...}.sizemarcandre
2012-11-06* enumerator.c: Support for lazy.sizemarcandre
2012-11-06* enumerator.c: Support #size for enumerators created from enumeratorsmarcandre
2012-11-06* enumerator.c (obj_to_enum): Have #to_enum accept a blockmarcandre
2012-11-06* enumerator: New method #size; constructor accepts sizemarcandre
2012-11-06* enumerator.c (enumerator_initialize): Warn when using deprecated formmarcandre
2012-05-23use RB_TYPE_P() instead of comparison of TYPE()nobu
2012-05-13* enumerator.c (lazy_take_func, lazy_take): multiple calls ofnagachika
2012-04-03initialize IDs in advance.nobu
2012-04-03* enumerator.c (inspect_enumerator): suppress uninitializednobu
2012-03-26* enumerator.c (inspect_enumerator): show method arguments ofshugo
2012-03-24* enumerator (lazy_initialize): set the instance variable "receiver"shugo
2012-03-24* enumerator (enumerator_inspect): include the original receiver andshugo
2012-03-19* enumerator.c (lazy_flat_map_func): convert the block value toshugo
2012-03-19* enumerator.c (enumerable_lazy): add an example of take and firstshugo
2012-03-16follow r35040kazu
2012-03-16* enumerator.c (lazy_take): don't enumerate an extra value.shugo
2012-03-15* enumerator.c (lazy_zip_func): variadic argument needs explicit castnobu
2012-03-15* enumerator.c (lazy_init_iterator): no need to check overflow twice.nobu
2012-03-15 * enumerator.c (lazy_init_iterator): Fix type error (int vs long).drbrain
2012-03-15* enum.c (rb_enum_values_pack): rename from enum_values_pack, andshugo
2012-03-15* enumerator.c (lazy_zip): rescue StopIteration returned byshugo
2012-03-15* enumerator.c (lazy_zip, lazy_cycle): Enumerator::Lazy#{zip,cycle}shugo
2012-03-15* enumerator.c (InitVM_Enumerator): renamed Enumerable::Lazy toshugo
2012-03-15* enumerator.c (enumerator_lazy): added cycle to the documentation.shugo
2012-03-15* enumerator.c (lazy_cycle): check argument number overflow beforenobu
2012-03-15* enumerator.c (lazy_cycle): add Enumerable::Lazy#cycle.shugo
2012-03-14* include/ruby/intern.h: Add rb_check_arity, rb_error_arity [#6085]marcandre
2012-03-14* enumerator.c (enumerable_lazy): fix the documentation ofshugo
2012-03-14* enumerator.c (lazy_init_iterator): break when Qundef is returnedshugo
2012-03-14* enumerator.c (lazy_take): add Enumerable::Lazy#take.shugo
2012-03-14* enumerator.c: use long for array indices.shugo
2012-03-14* enumerator.c: moved the comment of StopIteration.shugo
2012-03-14* enumerator.c (lazy_grep_func): should use === instead of =~, asnobu