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2016-07-20enum.c: Enumerable#uniqnobu
2016-05-20exclude non-VALUE in memo from GCnobu
2016-05-18enum.c: fix declaration-after-statementnobu
2016-05-18Optimize each_sum for hashesmrkn
2016-05-18Extract int_range_sum from enum_summrkn
2016-05-17Optimize enum_sum for a range from int to intmrkn
2016-05-17Write document of Enumerable#summrkn
2016-05-17Implement Enumerable#summrkn
2016-05-17Use Integer instead of Fixnum and Bignum.akr
2016-05-05enum.c: examples of Enumerable#detect [ci skip]nobu
2016-04-13* array.c (rb_ary_sum): Array#sum is implemented.akr
2016-03-23* enum.c (ary_inject_op): put subtract operation out of if-clause.mrkn
2016-03-23* enum.c (ary_inject_op): Use Kahan's compensated summation algorithmmrkn
2016-03-17* enum.c (ary_inject_op): Implement the specialized code for sum ofakr
2016-03-17* array.c, enum.c: make rdoc format consistent.mame
2016-03-17* array.c (rb_ary_max, rb_ary_min): implement Array#max and min withmame
2016-03-17* array.c (rb_ary_max, rb_ary_min): Array#max and Array#min added.mame
2016-03-17* internal.c: struct cmp_opt_data added for refactoring out a datamame
2016-03-17* enum.c (ary_inject_op): Extracted from enum_inject.akr
2016-03-17* enum.c (enum_inject): Implement the specialized code for sum ofakr
2016-03-15* enum.c (enum_inject): Consider redefinition of Fixnum#+.akr
2016-03-15* enum.c (enum_inject): Implement the specialied code for :+ operatorakr
2016-03-15* enum.c (enum_inject): Implement the specialized code for self is anakr
2016-01-29Rename parameter namenobu
2016-01-07* enum.c (enum_min, enum_max): do the same optimization as r53454.shugo
2016-01-07* enum.c (enum_minmax): optimize object comparison inshugo
2015-12-14* enum.c: fix a typo in documentation.hsbt
2015-10-04add a comment.akr
2015-10-04* enum.c (nmin_filter): Fix limit value.akr
2015-09-28preserve encodings in error messagesnobu
2015-08-11* enum.c: added doc for Enumerable#ziphsbt
2015-07-04* Add test case for empty array and first method with args.hsbt
2015-07-04enum.c: remove volatile, use RB_GC_GUARDnormal
2015-07-01* Add test for Enumerable#none? [fix GH-950] Patch by @yui-knkhsbt
2015-06-25enum.c (enum_minmax): simplify return value creationnormal
2015-06-14* enum.c (enum_chunk_while): New method Enumerable#chunk_while.akr
2015-06-01enum.c: [DOC] Fix typo [ci skip][Fix GH-904]gogotanaka
2015-05-16* enum.c: fix a sample code. Patch by @eagletmthsbt
2015-05-14* enum.c (enum_grep_v, grep_i, grep_iter_i, Init_enum):sorah
2015-05-13* enum.c (enum_to_a): revert
2015-05-12* enum.c (enum_to_a): fix incompatibility introduced in
2015-05-10* enum.c (enum_to_a): Use size to set array capa when
2015-05-10Revert "temp".glass
2015-05-10Revert "capa"glass
2015-05-10Revert "temp"glass
2015-04-06* enum.c: Enumerable#chunk and Enumerable#slice_before no longer takesakr
2015-03-18* enum.c (enum_sort_by): add WBs.ko1
2015-03-14* enum.c: [DOC] Fixes Enumerable#member? documentationgogotanaka