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2011-07-22merge revision(s) 32595:naruse
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2011-02-12* enum.c (enum_inject): typo fixed. a patch from Gaku Ueda inmatz
2011-01-12* enum.c (sort_by_i): reenter check more strictly.akr
2011-01-11fix spaces.akr
2011-01-08* enum.c (enum_sort_by): use rb_ary_resize.akr
2010-12-31* enum.c (enum_sort_by): use less temporary objects.akr
2010-12-30update doc.akr
2010-10-30* enum.c: use constants in id.h.nobu
2010-09-01* enum.c (enum_zip): fix typo of rdoc.naruse
2010-08-19* enum.c (enum_inject): fix typo of rdoc.naruse
2010-06-27* enum.c (zip): rdoc fix, patch by okkez [ruby-dev:41737]marcandre
2010-05-29* removed trailing spaces.nobu
2010-05-17* enum.c: Documentation: small fixesmarcandre
2010-05-17* hash.c: Documentation: change => in call-seq to ->.marcandre
2010-05-17* array.c: Documentation: change => in call-seq to ->.marcandre
2010-05-13* array.c: Harmonize documentation, in particular regarding:marcandre
2010-03-23update doc.akr
2010-03-19update rdoc.akr
2010-03-13rdoc update.akr
2010-03-13* enum.c (enum_join): remove Enumerable#join. [ruby-core:24786]matz
2010-03-12rdoc update.akr
2010-03-10* enum.c (min_ii, max_ii, minmax_ii): remove wrong optimization thatmame
2010-02-03* enumerator.c: move implementation of each_slice, each_cons,matz
2010-02-02unused variable removed.akr
2010-02-02* enum.c (enum_each_entry): new method #each_entry to pack valuesmatz
2009-11-03fix typos.akr
2009-10-31* enum.c (enum_count): remove optimization using #size.matz
2009-10-29* enum.c (enum_count): call #size using rb_funcall_no_recursive()matz
2009-10-29* array.c (rb_ary_to_ary): do not use #respond_to? to detectmatz
2009-10-24* enum.c (enum_flat_map): new method that concatenates the valuesmatz
2009-10-11rdoc update.akr
2009-10-03* enum.c (slicebefore_ii): use id_eqq.akr
2009-10-03enum.c (enum_chunk): Give proper error message if no block given. cf [ruby-co...marcandre
2009-10-02rdoc update.akr
2009-10-02rdoc update.akr
2009-10-02* enum.c (enum_slice_before): take a pattern if no block given.akr
2009-10-02update rdoc.akr
2009-09-27rdoc update.akr
2009-09-27* enum.c (enum_minmax): use struct for memo.akr
2009-09-27fix rdoc.akr
2009-09-25rdoc update.akr
2009-09-24rdoc update.akr
2009-09-23* enum.c (enum_minmax): reduce comparison.akr
2009-09-22* enum.c (enum_chunk): new method Enumerable#chunk.akr
2009-07-18* suppressed shorten-64-to-32 warnings.nobu
2009-07-10* array.c (recursive_join): use obj to tell if recursion occurs.nobu
2009-07-07* enum.c (DEFINE_ENUMFUNCS): included function signature.nobu
2009-07-07* enum.c (rb_enum_join): non-nil separator must be convertible tonobu
2009-07-07* enum.c (rb_enum_join): should propagate taint to the returnmatz