path: root/enc/make_encmake.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-19* enc/make_encmake.rb: the list of encoding extension libraries mustmame
2015-06-18* enc/make_encmake.rb: added --transes and --no-transes options.mame
2015-06-18make_encmake.rb: mandatory dbsnobu
2014-11-27make_encmake.rb: fix typonobu
2012-05-21enc: fix dependenciesnobu
2012-05-16Supports static linking of extensions and encodings again.yugui
2010-11-17* win32/Makefile.sub (MAKEDIRS): should not include silent flag.nobu
2010-05-07* properties.nobu
2008-08-24* (BUILTIN_TRANSSRCS): defined.akr
2008-08-12* enc/ (.SUFFIXES): renamed to .trans.nobu
2008-02-26* ext/extmk.rb, enc/make_encmake.rb: load current mkmf.rb even ifnobu
2007-12-24*,, lib/mkmf.rb, */Makefile.sub: specifynobu
2007-12-22* enc/depend, enc/make_encmake.rb: use erb.nobu
2007-12-20* ( depends on rbconfig.rb.nobu
2007-12-17* (BUILTIN_ENCS): removed.nobu
2007-12-17* (encs): added dependencies.nobu
2007-12-17* (encs): new target to compile external encodings.nobu