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2013-12-01* doc/contributing.rdoc: [DOC] Reporting other ( issueszzak
2013-12-01* doc/contributing.rdoc: [DOC] Current platform maintainerszzak
2013-12-01* doc/contributing.rdoc: [DOC] Reporting downstream distro issueszzak
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2013-11-28* doc/contributing.rdoc: [DOC] Add notes about deciding what to patchzzak
2013-11-28* doc/contributing.rdoc: [DOC] Add notes about slideshow proposalszzak
2013-11-13* doc/regexp.rdoc: [DOC] Fix typo in Special global variables section.zzak
2013-11-13* doc/regexp.rdoc: [DOC] add note about Bug #4044 as suggested byzzak
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2013-08-02* doc/syntax/refinements.rdoc: Improve description of where you maydrbrain
2013-07-20* doc/regexp.rdoc: [DOC] Fix typo in example [Fixes GH-365]zzak
2013-07-02* doc/syntax/refinements.rdoc: add description of Module#using andshugo
2013-06-14* NEWS: add notes for $SAFE.shugo
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2013-05-03* doc/security.rdoc: Add note about reporting security vulnszzak
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2013-02-21* doc/globals.rdoc: Document what setting $DEBUG does.drbrain
2013-02-21* doc/globals.rdoc: Document what setting $VERBOSE does. [Bug #7899]drbrain
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