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2012-02-01* doc/re.rdoc (Repetition): fix typo. reported by Ori Avtalionnobu
2011-12-30* vm_core.h: Fix comment about arg_opts of iseq and some typosmarcandre
2011-12-28* doc/ChangeLog-1.9.3, test/gdbm/test_gdbm.rb: fixed mingw typo.nobu
2011-06-07* doc/irb/irb.rd: fix typo. patch by Nobuhiro IMAI.kosaki
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2011-02-01doc/NEWS-1.9.2: add File#sizekazu
2010-09-22Mention the command search path issue on Windows. Pointed out byknu
2010-08-31* ext/pathname/pathname.c (path_exist_p): Pathname#exist? translatedakr
2010-08-27* NEWS: moved to doc/NEWS-1.9.2.nobu
2010-08-23* doc/ChangeLog-1.9.3: mistake.nobu
2010-08-23* ChangeLog: flushed. [ruby-dev:42050]nobu
2010-07-14Mention the json library. (Pointed out by yhara)knu
2010-06-23* ext/pty: moved documents and samples to the appropriate places.nobu
2010-04-23* doc/etc.rd, doc/etc.rd.ja: moved from ext/etc.nobu
2010-04-10* lib/rdoc: Import RDoc 2.5.2drbrain
2010-02-22* lib/rubygems: update to 1.3.6.nobu
2010-02-22* doc/rubygems/ChangeLog: deleted garbage lines.nobu
2009-12-08* lib/rubygems: update to 1.3.5.nobu
2009-10-02* lib/rake: updated to rake code to rake-0.8.7 source code base.nobu
2009-09-18* doc/re.rdoc: use rdoc mode.nobu
2009-09-17* lib/rdoc/parser/ruby.rb (RDoc::Parser::Ruby): parse also rdocnobu
2009-09-17* doc/re.rb (Regexp): not under Doc.nobu
2009-09-17* doc/re.rb: New document for Ruby's fork of Oniguruma.naruse
2009-08-13* doc/ChangeLog-1.8.0: add forgotten entry contributed bymatz
2009-08-13Oops, my finger slipped.knu
2009-08-13Merge changes from ruby_1_8 except for the post-1.8.7 part.knu
2009-02-12Update with branches/ruby_1_9_1/NEWS.knu
2009-02-02* doc/NEWS-1.9.1: typo fixed: collect_all -> collect.matz
2008-12-13Numeric#scalar? has been renamed.tadf
2008-12-12- Remove doc/NEWS when we have doc/NEWS-1.9.1.knu
2008-12-12Add historical NEWS files for the record.knu
2008-12-11Remove things that have been backported to the ruby_1_8 branch. [trunk-only]knu
2008-12-11Elaborate with Range#include?.knu
2008-09-22* doc/NEWS: fixed typo, Readline.HISTORY::clear -> Readline::HISTORY.clear.kouji
2008-08-26* enumerator.c: Activate Enumerator#with_object and addknu
2008-08-26* enumerator.c (enumerator_initialize),knu
2008-08-25"t" for Kernel#open described.akr
2008-08-13* doc/NEWS: Mention the Readline.vi_editing_mode?,kouji
2008-08-12Mention the Array#choice removal and the Array#delete change.knu
2008-06-16* enumerator.c (enumerator_with_object, Init_Enumerator):knu
2008-06-03* enumerator.c (enumerator_with_memo): New method: with_memo().knu
2008-06-02Remove what have been backported to 1.8.7.knu
2008-05-29Fix: nitem == count {|i| !i.nil?}knu
2008-05-28* array.c (rb_ary_nitems, Init_Array): Axe Array#nitems().knu
2008-05-27Remove entries about what have already been backported to 1.8.knu
2008-04-27* gc.c (gc_count): add a GC.count method. This method returnsko1
2008-01-06* $Date$ keyword removed to avoid inclusion of locale dependentakr
2007-12-25* doc/NEWS: changes for 1.9matz
2007-02-12set svn:eol-styleshyouhei