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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-18* dln.c: remove defined(__WATCOMC__).kosaki
2015-10-18* numeric.c: Good-by Borland-C.kosaki
2015-10-18* dln.c: simplify #ifdef. _WIN32 and __CYGWIN__ are exclusive.kosaki
2015-05-01dln.c: fix EXTERNAL_PREFIXnobu
2015-05-01dln.c: raise fatalnobu
2015-05-01dln.c: check incompatible librubynobu
2015-05-01dln.c: use EXPORT_PREFIXnobu
2014-10-11Merges a patch form naclports.yugui
2014-09-04* symbian/*: removed Symbian support.hsbt, missing.h: jemalloc manglingnobu
2014-04-05dln.c: non-ascii path on Windowsnobu
2014-02-27adjust indent and stylenobu
2014-02-27use strlcatnobu
2012-12-01adjust style.nobu
2012-07-09* dln.c: Simplify and make consistent an ifdef for Mac OS X.kosaki
2012-05-17Imports Ruby's port to NativeClient (a.k.a NaCl).yugui
2012-04-17* dln.c (rb_w32_check_imported): skip ordinal entries. based on anobu
2012-04-16* dln.c (rb_w32_check_imported): skip ordinal entries. patched bynobu
2011-10-25* include/ruby/defines.h: use "__sparc" instead of "sparc" andakr
2011-10-24* io.c: use "__sun" instead of "sun" to detect SunOS.akr
2011-09-26* include/ruby/defines.h: remove NextStep, OpenStep, Rhapsodykosaki
2011-01-05* dln.c (init_funcname_len): ignore rest from first dot.nobu
2010-12-09* dln.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-11-09* dln.c (init_funcname): allocate and build initializationnobu
2010-10-15* dln.c (dln_strerror): get English message first, instead ofnobu
2010-10-12* dln.c (rb_w32_check_imported): suppress warning.nobu
2010-05-21* suppress warnings.nobu
2010-05-16* dln.c (dln_load): check imported addresses only when compilednobu
2010-05-16* dln.c (rb_w32_check_imported): workaround for VC6.nobu
2010-05-16* dln.c (rb_w32_check_imported): check if extension library to benobu
2010-05-05* dln.c (aix_loaderror): use execerror for load error on AIX.kanemoto
2010-03-07* dln.c [DLN_NEEDS_ALT_SEPARATOR] (translit_separator): small typo fixed.azav
2010-02-24* dln.c (translit_separator): moved back from load.c again.nobu
2010-02-24* dln_find.c: split from dln.c.nobu
2010-01-25* dln.c, file.c, io.c, signal.c: add __HAIKU__.naruse
2009-11-30*, win32/Makefile.sub (EXECUTABLE_EXTS): moved fromnobu
2009-11-23* dln.c (dln_find_1): removed duplication.nobu
2009-11-23* dln.c (dln_find_1): fixed commit miss.nobu
2009-11-23* dln.c (dln_find_1): removed duplication.nobu
2009-11-03fix typos.akr
2009-09-28* dln.c (load_lib, dln_find_exe_r): env string may be overwritten.nobu
2009-09-28* dln.c (dln_{exit,loaderror,memerror,notimplement}): renamed asnobu
2009-09-28* dln.c (aix_loaderror): needs format string.nobu
2009-09-23 * dln.c (aix_loaderror): fixed typo. suppress warnings.kanemoto
2009-09-11* dln.c (aix_loaderror): get rid of using uninitialized value in thenobu
2009-06-30* dln.c (dln_find_1): fixed index overrun.nobu
2009-06-29* dln.c (dln_find_1): fix for files with dots. [ruby-dev:38588]nobu
2009-06-22* io.c: remove __CHECKER__ test.akr
2009-03-17* dir.c, dln.c, parse.y, re.c, ruby.c, sprintf.c, strftime.c,nobu
2009-03-14* dln.c (init_funcname_len, dln_find_exe_r, dln_find_file_r): usenobu