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2013-06-03dir.c: use fd to fstatfsnobu
2013-06-02* removes AC_CHECK_FUNCS(readdir_r). readdir_r()kosaki
2013-05-25* dir.c (bracket): fix copy-paste error. When the first and lastmame
2013-05-20dir.c: compose HFS file namesnobu
2013-04-26* dir.c (dir_set_pos): Fix a compilation error when seekdir() is notakr
2013-04-18dir.c: not skip dot directories if matchingnobu
2013-04-14* dir.c (File.fnmatch): fix typo in documentationeregon
2013-04-12* array.c: Document synonymous methods, by windwiny [GH-277]zzak
2013-04-11Fix return value in example by @rkh [fix GH-284]hsbt
2013-04-11* dir.c: Fix a typo.knu
2013-04-11* dir.c (file_s_fnmatch): Document File::FNM_EXTGLOB flag.zzak
2013-03-19compose HFS file namesnobu
2013-03-19 * dir.c (join_path): move length of path to an argument.nobu
2013-03-15file.c: rb_sys_fail_path_with_funcnobu
2013-02-23dir.c: encoding checknobu
2012-12-21* win32/{dir.h,win32.c} (rb_w32_readdir): removed old rb_w32_readdir()usa
2012-12-01dir.c: use NAMLENnobu
2012-11-04dir.c: FNM_EXTGLOBnobu
2012-11-03* dir.c (Dir#glob):zzak
2012-09-05dir.c: fix recursionnobu
2012-09-05dir.c: not recurse dot filesnobu
2012-09-05dir.c: enumm answernobu
2012-06-19* dir.c (dir_initialize): get rid of "unused return: argc = rb_scan_args()"kosaki
2012-06-17documentation for Dir.exist?nobu
2012-05-17Imports Ruby's port to NativeClient (a.k.a NaCl).yugui
2012-04-15* reduce UNREACHABLE.nobu
2012-04-14* variable.c (trace_ev): Removed "not reached" comment as this line isdrbrain
2012-02-24* dir.c (dir_inspect), io.c (rb_io_inspect): keep encoding of path.nobu
2012-02-24* dir.c (dir_initialize): keep path in original encoding.nobu
2012-02-24* dir.c, file.c, io.c (rb_sys_fail_path): use rb_sys_fail_str.nobu
2012-02-24* dir.c, file.c, io.c: use rb_sys_fail_path.nobu
2012-02-10* dir.c (fnmatch): The * needs to be escaped to avoid formatting innaruse
2012-01-25* file.c (rb_enc_path_next, rb_enc_path_skip_prefix)nobu
2012-01-21* dir.c (dir_chdir, check_dirname): get rid of optimization-out.nobu
2011-12-05* bignum.c (big_rshift), compile.c (validate_label,nobu
2011-09-26* include/ruby/defines.h: remove NextStep, OpenStep, Rhapsodykosaki
2011-09-10* dir.c: Two small documentation fixes. [Bug #5302]ayumin
2011-06-27* dir.c: Make RDoc more precise about order of Dir.globmarcandre
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-04-28* win32/{win32.c,dir.h} (rb_w32_uopendir): new API to pass UTF-8 path.usa
2011-01-13update doc.akr
2010-12-08* dir.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-10-21* dir.c (dir_initialize): remove useless intermediate variable.nobu
2010-09-20* dir.c (bracket): get rid of scanning at the end of the patternnobu
2010-09-10* class.c (rb_scan_args): Add support for optional keywordknu
2010-08-08* dir.c (sys_warning_1): show error message.nobu
2010-08-05* dir.c (glob_make_pattern): fold continuous PLAINs to get rid ofnobu
2010-07-27* class.c, compile.c, dir.c, file.c, iseq.c, parse.y, random.c:naruse
2010-07-18* include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_data_type_t): restructured. [ruby-dev:41862]nobu
2010-06-04Clarification of what '*' matches. Patch by John Wells <john.wells at greatw...drbrain