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2018-09-26revert r64847, r64846 and r64839k0kubun
2018-09-26revert r64838 and r64839k0kubun
2018-09-25Revert "Revert r64824 to fix build failure on AppVeyor"k0kubun
2018-09-25Revert r64824 to fix build failure on AppVeyork0kubun
2018-09-24insns.def: optimize & and | of Integer [experimental]k0kubun
2018-02-27defs/id.def: predefine to_f IDnobu
2017-04-14Improve performance of type conversion using to_rmrkn
2017-02-12parse.y: logopnobu
2017-02-12parse.y: call_uni_opnobu
2017-02-09parse.y: fix idCOLON2nobu
2016-03-17* compile.c (NODE_CALL): add optimization shortcut for Array#max/min.mame
2016-02-17id.def: $~ and $_nobu
2015-11-20* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): add debug information to NODE_STRko1
2015-11-10Rename DOTQ to ANDDOTnobu
2015-11-06change DOTQnobu
2015-11-05id.def: token_opsnobu
2015-10-27id.def: anonymous IDsnobu
2015-10-27id.def: internal IDsnobu
2014-11-16id.def: move IDs for exceptionnobu
2014-11-14id.def: attrsetnobu
2014-10-27parse.y: optimize IDs in rippernobu
2014-06-28eval.c: no method calls at stack overflownobu
2014-05-20id.def: predefine to_inobu
2014-05-20id.def: predefine conversion method IDsnobu
2013-11-09* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): emit opt_str_freeze if the #freezecharliesome
2013-05-02id.def: predefined IDsnobu
2013-05-01proc.c: use predefined IDsnobu
2012-12-27* def/id.def: use split(/^/) instead of String#lines to supportnaruse
2012-12-21id.h.tmpl: ID2ATTRSETnobu
2012-12-21id.def: check duplicationnobu
2012-12-21id.def: other scope IDnobu
2012-12-04id.c: generatenobu