path: root/defines.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-06-10* include/ruby: moved public headers.nobu
2007-05-23* oniguruma.h: updated to Oniguruma 5.7.0.matz
2007-05-03*, defines.h, eval_load.c (rb_feature_p, rb_provided,nobu
2006-01-22forgot to commit too.akr
2005-12-27* define IA64 for portability. (HP aC++/ANSI C doesn'takr
2005-12-06* gc.c (ruby_xmalloc2): change check for integer overflow.matz
2005-10-25* (RUBY_EXTERN): macro to export symbols in sharednobu
2005-10-05* range.c (rb_range_beg_len): should return Qfalse for non-rangematz
2005-09-14* bignum.c: changed `foo _((boo))' to `foo(boo)`. [ruby-dev:27056]ocean
2005-07-02* defines.h (FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS): defined for IA64.akr
2005-05-14* Check for the availability of pid_t, gid_t and uid_t andnobu
2004-04-14* defines.h: include <net/socket.h> to get fd_set definition in BeOS.ocean
2004-01-21* defines.h: define RUBY_MBCHAR_MAX instead of MB_CUR_MAX.siena
2004-01-17* defines.h (_WIN32): undef _WIN32 on Cygwin before defining DOSISH.eban
2004-01-10* install rdoc by default. if you do not want tomatz
2003-12-22* (ac_cv_func_setitimer): moved from defines.hnobu
2003-12-03* (AC_PROG_YACC): AC_DEFINE(OLD_YACC) if Yacc is foundmatz
2003-11-25* defines.h (ENV_IGNORECASE): should define when DOSISH withoutusa
2003-11-22* gc.c (Init_stack): stack region is far smaller than usual ifmatz
2003-09-26* lib/resolv-replace.rb: 1.8 compliance. [ruby-talk:82946]nobu
2003-09-26* defines.h (flush_register_windows): use volatile only for gcc onnobu
2003-07-24* (AC_C_VOLATILE): check if volatile works.nobu
2003-06-20* defines.h (PATH_ENV): name of PATH environment. [new].usa
2003-06-01* should not use def file, use ld witheban
2003-03-04*, bcc32/Makefile.sub, win32/Makefile.sub: definenobu
2003-01-21Exchange do { } while (0) for ((void)0)michal
2003-01-16-Wall cleanups (removed unused vars, no 'code has no effect' warnings)michal
2003-01-04FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS must not be empty. Set to NULL instead.knu
2003-01-04* defines.h (FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS): Make the flushw call anknu
2002-12-31* array.c (rb_ary_transpose): Properly declare ary as a VALUE.knu
2002-12-15*, defines.h, dir.c, dir.h, dln.c, error.c,uema2
2002-12-02WinCE patch mergedmatz
2002-11-18defines.h: hack for the case sizeof(short) == sizeof(int)matz
2002-04-10* variable.c (rb_obj_remove_instance_variable): raise NameError ifmatz
2002-03-22* the VMS support patch submitted by Akiyoshi, Masamichimatz
2002-03-14* re.c (rb_reg_match): should clear $~ if operand is nil.matz
2002-02-18* parse.y (expr_value, arg_value, primary_value): value_expr()matz
2002-01-04* process.c (rb_f_system): abandon vfork.matz
2001-05-28* remove unnecessary AC_CANONICAL_BUILDeban
2001-05-02* eval.c (block_pass): should not downgrade safe level.matz
2000-05-13support mingw32.eban
1999-08-241.4.1 to bematz