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2017-09-10avoid false positive on fiber_verify().ko1
2017-09-10clear `stack_end`.ko1
2017-09-10cont.c: fix typo [ci skip]nobu
2017-09-10move th->machine to ec->machine.ko1
2017-09-08fiber: fix machine stack marking when FIBER_USE_NATIVE is 0normal
2017-09-08fix up r59776nobu
2017-09-08move th->fiber to ec->fiber.ko1
2017-09-02cont.c: fix root fiber to_snobu
2017-08-23remove debug code.ko1
2017-08-22split out struct cont_saved_vm_stack.ko1
2017-08-10fix a typo in comment.nagachika
2017-08-10use VM_UNREACHABLE() instead of rb_bug().ko1
2017-08-10introduce fiber_restore_thread.ko1
2017-08-10rename rb_execution_context_t::stack(_size) to vm_stack(_size).ko1
2017-08-10cont.c: fix up r59557 for !FIBER_USE_NATIVEnobu
2017-08-10constify some variables.ko1
2017-08-10remove additional newline.ko1
2017-08-10Fiber#to_s (#inspect) return richer information.ko1
2017-08-10refactoring Fiber status.ko1
2017-08-02fix stack storing for root fibers.ko1
2017-08-02release VM stack properly.ko1
2017-06-28introduce rb_fiber_t::first_proc.ko1
2017-06-28move fields to ec.ko1
2017-06-28move fields to ec.ko1
2017-06-28introduce rb_thread_ptr() to replace GetThreadPtr().ko1
2017-06-28move storages to ec.ko1
2017-06-26move several fields from rb_thread_t to rb_execution_context_t.ko1
2017-06-26copy ec on Fiber.ko1
2017-06-26add "FIBER_" prefix.ko1
2017-06-26Do not store/restore Thread#status on fiber switching.ko1
2017-06-23move "state" to rb_vm_tag.ko1
2017-06-23rename th->state to th->tag_state.ko1
2017-06-23use "enum ruby_tag_type" and TAG_NONE.ko1
2017-05-09rb_execution_context_t: move stack, stack_size and cfp from rb_thread_tnormal
2017-03-17remove branches in dmark and dfree GC callbacksnormal
2017-03-14Fiber also has same issue. [Bug #13313]ko1
2017-02-13cont.c: avoid needless branch for dmark callbacksnormal
2016-12-27cont.c: change fiber stack size doc [ci skip]normal
2016-12-07Add volatile to a suppress warning.shugo
2016-12-07Add clang volatile fixes from FreeBSD and NetBSD.shugo
2016-11-05* vm_trace.c (tracepoint_attr_callee_id, rb_tracearg_callee_id):ktsj
2016-11-05* cont.c (cont_new): disable optimization if clang's version isshugo
2016-08-03* vm_core.h: introduce VM_FRAME_RUBYFRAME_P()ko1
2016-07-28* vm_core.h: revisit the structure of frame, block and env.ko1
2016-05-01* cont.c, hash.c, random.c, win32/win32.c: cleanup some Win9x/ME/NT4usa
2016-04-14cont.c: wrong _MSC_VER checknobu
2015-12-24fix common misspelling [ci skip]nobu
2015-12-10* cont.c: fix a double word typo.hsbt
2015-12-09* *.c (*_memsize): do not check ptr.ko1
2015-09-20cont.c: append to continuations doc [ci skip]nobu