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2008-10-22* cont.c: separate data structure between rb_fiber_t andko1
2008-07-01 * include/ruby/ruby.h (enum ruby_special_consts): ISO C forbidsshyouhei
2008-06-08* array.c, bignum.c, cont.c, dir.c, dln.c, encoding.c, enumerator.c,ko1
2008-05-08* cont.c (cont_restore_0): dynamic stack direction code should bematz
2008-03-07* cont.c (cont_restore_0): fixed typo. [ruby-core:15821]nobu
2008-01-06* $Date$ keyword removed to avoid inclusion of locale dependentakr
2007-12-25* vm_core.h, thread.c, cont.c: add RUBY_VM_SET_INTERRUPT(),ko1
2007-12-23* cont.c, vm.h: fix to support sparc machine.ko1
2007-12-20*, vm.c, vm_core.h: change interface ofko1
2007-11-09* cont.c: add rb_context_t#type.ko1
2007-10-06* cont.c (cont_free): check Fiber or Continuation.ko1
2007-09-28* cont.c: Thread local storage should be fiber local.ko1
2007-09-26* cont.c: Fiber as SemiCoroutine on default. [ruby-core:12146]ko1
2007-08-26* cont.c: fix to remove until is not loaded.ko1
2007-08-25* cont.c: rename FIBER_STACK_SIZE to FIBER_VM_STACK_SIZE.ko1
2007-08-25* cont.c: separate Continuation and Fiber from core.ko1
2007-08-23* cont.c (rb_cont_call, fiber_switch, rb_fiber_resume, rb_fiber_yield):nobu
2007-08-21* cont.c: add Fiber#resume and Fiber.yield.ko1
2007-08-15* cont.c (rb_fiber_m_yield): added. use this functionko1
2007-08-06* cont.c (rb_fiber_yield): change argument ordering. export.matz
2007-07-14* add --enable-valgrind.akr
2007-07-12* blockinlining.c: remove "yarv" prefix.ko1
2007-07-08 * cont.c (cont_restore_1): workaround for x64-mswin64's SEH.usa
2007-07-05* yarvcore.h: rename rb_control_frame_t#magic to flag.ko1
2007-07-03* cont.c (cont_save_machine_stack): clear saved_thread.machine_stack*.ko1
2007-06-26* cont.c (rb_fiber_s_new): revert initializing VM stack.ko1
2007-06-25* cont.c (rb_fiber_s_new): fix to clear rb_thread_t#tag.ko1
2007-06-25* cont.c (rb_fiber_s_new), yarvcore.c (th_init2): fix to clearko1
2007-06-25* gc.h: add RUBY_ prefix to debug macros.ko1
2007-06-24* vm.c: some refactoring.ko1
2007-06-15* cont.c (rb_cont_call): forbid cross fiber continuation call.ko1
2007-06-14* eval_load.c (Init_load): delay allocating an array for rb_load_pathakr
2007-06-10* include/ruby: moved public headers.nobu
2007-06-07* cont.c (cont_restore_1): fix to check root fiber [ruby-dev:30911].ko1
2007-06-06* cont.c (cont_new): add debug message.ko1
2007-06-06* eval_intern.h, eval.c (ruby_init): remove POP_TAG_INIT().ko1
2007-06-06* cont.c (rb_cont_call): forbid calling dead fiber withko1
2007-06-05* cont.c (rb_fiber_start): clear th->tag and check error to fixko1
2007-06-02* cont.c (Fiber#pass): rename to Fiber#yield. Block parameterko1
2007-05-30* cont.c (cont_capture): store all local variables in heapko1
2007-05-29* cont.c: fix bug around Continuation and Fiber.ko1
2007-05-28* cont.c: fixed a function name.nobu
2007-05-27* cont.c: support Fiber. Check test/ruby/test_fiber.rb for detail.ko1
2007-05-24* cont.c: check across trap violation.ko1
2007-05-23* cont.c: support callcc which everyone love.ko1