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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author no redundant library pathnobu trailing spacesnobu add -L optionsnobu iquote /usr/local/includenobu use /usr/includenobu do not rebuild unnecessarilynobu link DTRACE_OBJnobu check dtace -Gnobu -Wno-maybe-uninitializednobu
2015-01-18builtin encodings and transcoder locationsnobu no pattern substitutionnobu
2015-01-11extmk.rb: default without-extnobu Remove superfluous semicolonnobu default excluded librariesnobu include winsock2.hnobu
2014-12-25dir.c: replace_real_basenamenobu workaround of mingw-w64nobu fix jemalloc optionnobu fix fox BusyBoxnobu rb_cv_mcontext_t_ptrnobu fix --with-ruby-version [ci skip]nobu add --with-setup optionnobu
2014-11-27dmyenc.c: separatenobu
2014-11-06reaply r48278nobu
2014-11-06Revert r48278 " update unicode data only if BASERUBY is available"naruse update unicode data only if BASERUBY is availablenobu fix for old Apple compilersnobu
2014-10-28* remove apple-gcc4.2 from CC candidates.naruse
2014-10-22Fix PNaCl configure/link errors.yugui
2014-10-21Enable nacl_io in pepper-ruby.yugui UNICODE_FILESnobu after-configurenobu
2014-10-21* download unicode files beofre build.nobu downloader needs BASERUBYnobu
2014-10-15* ext/etc/etc.c (etc_nprocessors_affinity): use sched_getaffinityakr
2014-10-11Fixes build failures on Portable Native Client.yugui fix typonobu
2014-10-11Support build for Portable Native Client outside of naclports tree.yugui
2014-10-11Merges a patch form naclports.yugui
2014-10-10ruby/ruby.h: fix for older gccnobu
2014-10-08mkmf.rb: translate to assemblernobu remove arch options from CXXFLAGSnobu off_t for struct stat.st_sizenobu fix quoting bracketsnobu Fix typo. [Bug #9914]odaira
2014-09-28downloader.rbnobu use ac_cv_func_vforknobu
2014-09-07process.c: disable vfork on OS Xnobu
2014-09-07process.c: vfork may not work with pthreadnobu
2014-09-05* Check sys/id.h, getuidx and getgidx for AIX.akr