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2016-06-01use crypt_rnobu merge ruby_cflags to XCFLAGSnobu
2016-05-24* (ruby_cflags): separate from optflags [Bug #12409]naruse
2016-05-24fix missing argumentnobu
2016-05-24fix __error__ and __warning__ attribute checksnobu
2016-05-21* (ALWAYS_INLINE): force compilers the function inlined.naruse missing macro definitionnobu declare as NORETURNnobu RUBY_CHECK_SETJMPnobu revert macro namesnobu
2016-05-12* configurein: use alternative keywordnaruse
2016-05-11util.c: qsort_snobu
2016-05-10* (-fexcess-precision=standard): before r54895 -std=c99naruse
2016-05-08* check function attirbute const and pure,naruse
2016-05-08* add -Wsuggest-attribute=format and suppress warnings.naruse
2016-05-08* add -Wsuggest-attribute=noreturn and suppress warnings.naruse
2016-05-08* add -Werror=implicit-int to avoid missing type ofnaruse
2016-05-05random.c: use arc4random_bufnobu
2016-05-03* (warnflags): use -std=gnu99 instead ofnaruse
2016-05-03* string.c (count_utf8_lead_bytes_with_word): Use __builtin_popcountnaruse
2016-04-30* string.c (search_nonascii): unroll and use ntznaruse
2016-04-27* (rb_cv_lgamma_r_pm0): check if lgamma_r(+0.0)odaira
2016-04-27* time.c: define _DEFAULT_SOURCE because glibc 2.20 depracatesnaruse do not create unnecessary verconf.hnobu
2016-04-24* add missing -lm for AIX.odaira move cache variable for AIX roundnobu
2016-04-22* don't use the system-provided round(3) on AIX.odaira
2016-04-21fix typoskazu
2016-04-21ifchange: ignore unmatch TEST_COLORSnobu feature macros on cygwinnobu tabifynobu fix lgamma_r conditionnobu check lgamma_r(-0.0)nobu
2016-04-01improve git repository detectionnobu
2016-03-18* (rb_cv_member_struct_tm_tm_gmtoff): For Linux (glibc)naruse fold summarynobu summarynobu no leading spacesnobu fix universal binarynobu use quadrigraphsnobu
2016-02-10* (RUBY_DEFINT): use Parameter Expansion.naruse
2016-02-10fix r53801: the argument should remove UNSIGNEDnaruse
2016-02-10* (int128_t): don't check HAVE_XXX (for examplenaruse remove unnecessary qualifiernobu
2016-02-10ARFLAGS needs a spacenobu unique namesnobu
2016-02-10check ar D flagnobu
2016-02-06Revert "check __int64_t and __int128_t"naruse
2016-02-06fix types ordernobu