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2004-11-23* io.c (io_read): [ruby-dev:24952]matz
2004-11-22* file.c (rb_file_chown): integer conversion should be prior tomatz
2004-11-07* add setup for mignw32 cross compiling.eban
2004-10-27* string.c (RESIZE_CAPA): check string attribute before modifyingmatz
2004-08-30* (GNU/k*BSD): fixed FTBFS on GNU/k*BSD. [ruby-dev:24051]eban
2004-08-11* (RPATHFLAG): stop setting RPATHFLAG on Interix.eban
2004-06-28*, lib/mkmf.rb (LIBPATHFLAG): use double quotes due tonobu
2004-06-26* (TRY_LINK): export.nobu
2004-06-26* (aix): -b must come at the start of the command line,nobu
2004-06-12* (target_os): strip -gnu suffix on Linux.eban
2004-06-09* config.guess, config.sub: Update to a more recent version as ofknu
2004-05-20* numeric.c (flo_eq): alway check if operands are NaN.matz
2004-04-06* check the size of time_t.akr
2004-02-02* backport from 1.9 for Interix.eban
2004-01-12* (LIBPATHFLAG, RPATHFLAG): enclose paths with singlenobu
2004-01-08* (RDOCTARGET): new macro. if you want to installeban
2004-01-06* eval.c (rb_mod_modfunc): should break if m has no super class.matz
2003-12-27* fix "test: too many arguments" error.eban
2003-12-26* io.c (next_argv): warn always for stdin on inplace edit mode.matz
2003-12-26* check if getcontext and setcontext are available.nobu
2003-12-24* check for nanosleep, -lrt if required.matz
2003-12-24* (LDSHARED): Fixed typographical error in assignment ofeban
2003-12-23* pack.c (pack_pack): remove unnecessary negative value check.matz
2003-12-22* (ac_cv_func_setitimer): moved from defines.hnobu
2003-12-22* (mingw): set isnan, finite and isinf to yes.eban
2003-12-20* eval.c (rb_with_disable_interrupt): prohibit thread contextmatz
2003-12-17* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::QueryExtension::Value::[]): should work likematz
2003-12-13* check ucontext.h.nobu
2003-12-11* (ieeefp.h), numeric.c: needed for finite() onnobu
2003-12-06* io.c (flush_before_seek): flush before seek on any platform.eban
2003-12-03* (AC_PROG_YACC): AC_DEFINE(OLD_YACC) if Yacc is foundmatz
2003-11-30* should put getcwd in AC_CHECK_FUNCS, noteban
2003-11-30* keep ARCH_FLAG separate. export ARCH_FLAG.eban
2003-11-30* do not override CCDLDFLAGS, LDFLAGS, XLDFLAGS,eban
2003-11-25* change default value of --enable-pthread (default: no)nagai
2003-11-22* set enable_pthread to no on MinGW.eban
2003-11-22* add --enable-pthread option (default: yes)nagai
2003-11-22* gc.c (Init_stack): stack region is far smaller than usual ifmatz
2003-11-20* check existence of "pthread.h"nagai
2003-11-20* don't find the Cygwin's pthread library on MinGW.eban
2003-11-20* always check existence of the pthread librarynagai
2003-11-08* improvement of pthread checknagai, eval.c, signal.c: : add '--with-pthread-ext' optionnagai
2003-10-31*, lib/mkmf.rb: add RPATHFLAG for NetBSD. [ruby-dev:21791]eban
2003-09-22* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): add setuid and setgid.gotoyuzo
2003-08-15* (HUGE_ST_INO): check whether struct stat.st_inonobu
2003-08-07* cygwin/GNUmakefile: better --disbale-shared option support.eban
2003-07-30* (os2-emx): renamed from os2_emx, add flags tonobu
2003-07-28* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_gets): only "gets" should set $_.matz
2003-07-26* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb (TkCore::chooseDirectory): back up wronglymatz