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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author FUNC_UNOPTIMIZEDnobu
2015-11-30* sort AC_CHECK_HEADERS() by alphabetical order.kosaki
2015-11-30* missing/explicit_bzero.c: new file. define explicit_bzero.kosaki color to ifchangenobu
2015-11-24* On Solaris, it is safe to define _LARGEFILE_SOURCEngoto
2015-11-24Drop support for BeOSnobu
2015-11-23* On Solaris, with gcc, "-std=iso9899:1999"ngoto
2015-11-23Haiku now best effort supportnobu
2015-11-22* On Solaris, add -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=n only when bothngoto
2015-11-21* Add -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 (or 600 or 700) on Solarisngoto
2015-11-21fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-11-18* add -static-libgcc for mingw automatically if available.usa fix help messagenobu additional flagsnobu
2015-11-17* (BASERUBY): use Kernel#print instead of Kernel#p becauseusa
2015-11-13Unset LD_PRELOAD on mingwshirosaki
2015-11-06* dir.c (dir_fileno, dirfd): support of Dir#fileno on Solaris 10.ngoto
2015-10-24* fixed build failure of Haiku.hsbt
2015-10-20highlight configurenobu
2015-10-19* pthread_getattr_np is broken on AIX.odaira
2015-10-19check INFINITY and NAN without C99 optionnobu
2015-10-18* ChangeLog: Good-bye OS/2.kosaki libunwind.h checknobu remove garbage spacesnobu add ruby-runner only if needednobu
2015-09-18file.c: File.mkfifonobu
2015-09-15util.c: BSD qsort_rnobu enum_over_intnobu enum_over_intnobu BOOTSTRAPRUBY versionnobu
2015-09-03revert r51752nobu BASERUBY needs fake.rbnobu use BASERUBYnobu
2015-08-26win32.c: fake lchownnobu
2015-08-24win32.c: symlinknobu RUBY_TYPE_ATTRIBUTEnobu
2015-07-10compressed mantypesnobu
2015-06-30io.c: reopen OS encoding pathnobu
2015-06-25* not to use vfork on Solaris to avoid deadlockngoto
2015-06-11* define SET_THREAD_NAME if it has pthread_set_name_npnaruse
2015-06-03* Don't check __int128.akr
2015-05-21* (RUBY_DTRACE_POSTPROCESS): cmp -b is GNU extension.naruse DEPRECATED_BYnobu attribute argumentsnobu pop macronobu
2015-05-01dln.c: fix EXTERNAL_PREFIXnobu
2015-05-01dln.c: use EXPORT_PREFIXnobu
2015-04-10dir.c: getattrlist on OSX 10.5nobu
2015-04-02rbconfig.rb: use program versionnobu
2015-03-30Revert r50122 "* ac_cv_func_vfork=no on sparc-solaris."naruse