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2012-04-18merge revision(s) 35387:nobu
2012-03-27merge revision(s) 33533: [Backport #6204]nobu
2012-02-28merge revision(s) 34840:nobu
2012-02-22* remove workaround replacement from gcc to gcc-4.2.naruse
2012-02-19merge revision(s) 33327:nobu
2012-02-16merge revision(s) 32730:naruse
2012-02-15merge revision(s) 33866,33867:nobu
2012-02-08merge revision(s) 33934: [Backport #5975]naruse
2012-01-17* (SPT_TYPE): enable as SPT_REUSEARGV on Darwin.nobu
2012-01-17* (setproctitle): removed dupcated checks.nobu
2012-01-03merge revision(s) %s: 33757:33758kosaki
2012-01-03merge revision(s) 33577:kosaki
2011-12-07* (rpath): fix typo in the help string. a patch fromnobu
2011-10-09merges 33352 from trunk into ruby_1_9_3.yugui
2011-09-14Fix typoayumin
2011-09-14* do not use gcc-4.2 as the default compiler.mrkn
2011-08-30* fix r32835. $withval can't be used outer AC_ARG_WITH().kosaki
2011-08-30merge revision(s) 33114:kosaki
2011-08-21* use LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 on 64-bit Solaris.ngoto
2011-08-19* process.c (proc_spawn_v, proc_spawn): should not wait thenobu
2011-08-05* backport r32845 from trunk.ngoto
2011-08-03* use build_os variable for checking C and C++ compilersmrkn
2011-07-31* fix typos.ktsj
2011-07-31* (ECHO1): ":" in a make variable replacement cause a syntaxyugui
2011-07-23revert r32648. r32649 is better one.kosaki
2011-07-23* change the default compiler to gcc-4.2 if target osmrkn
2011-07-23merge revision(s) 32647:kosaki
2011-07-16* (RUBY_UNIVERSAL_ARCH): restore arch flag.nobu
2011-07-08* can't subtract void *.nari
2011-07-07* gc.c: change water_mark value value that may callnari Add warnflags for XL/C on AIX during configurekanemoto
2011-06-28* signal.c: Now, USE_TRAP_SIGMASK depend on HAVE_PTHREAD_SIGMASK.kosaki
2011-05-16*, win32/Makefile.sub (RUBY_SO_NAME): add CPU as prefixusa
2011-05-14introduce missing/setproctitle.ckosaki
2011-05-12* limit to "T" type for prefix of external symbolskou
2011-05-06* thread_pthread.h (rb_thread_cond_t): add clockid field. it'skosaki
2011-05-06* thread.c (rb_wait_for_single_fd): use ppoll() instead of poll()kosaki
2011-05-06* remove nanosleep check. we no longer use it.kosaki
2011-05-04* thread.c (rb_wait_for_single_fd): new. poll(2) based backend for rb_wait_fo...kosaki
2011-04-26* (STRIP): use proper toolchain. based on a patchnobu
2011-04-26* include/ruby/win32.h (ftruncate, truncate, ftello, fseeko): non-64nobu
2011-04-11Evaluate truncate, ftruncate and ftello existenceluislavena
2011-04-03* disable fdatasync again on Mac OS X.kosaki
2011-03-08* (configure-ext, build-ext), ext/extmk.rb (extmake):nobu
2011-03-08* process.c (proc_setgroups): use getgrnam() if getgrnam_r() isnobu
2011-03-08* (RUBY_REPLACE_TYPE): enclose in quotes for multiplenobu
2011-03-06* rlim_t use standard RUBY_REPLACE_TYPE mechanism.kosaki
2011-03-04* save warnflags. the patch is created by Eric Wong.kosaki
2011-02-15* fix and resubmit r30621. [ruby-dev:43203]kosaki
2011-02-14* revert r30621. That revision introduced mkmf testshyouhei