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2018-06-27hijack SIGCHLD handler for internal usenormal
2018-06-22remove DISABLE_RUBYGEMS from config filesnobu
2018-06-14prefer clock_gettimenobu move the checks of _XOPEN_SOURCE on Solarisngoto move checks of -std=gnu99 and _XOPEN_SOURCE on Solarisngoto revert r63438ngoto
2018-05-15Change logic to check _XOPEN_SOURCE on Solarisngoto maybe with jemallocnobu
2018-05-15-Wno-cast-function-typeshyouhei remove ineffective check on Solaris with GCCngoto
2018-04-29Remove the teeny part from the shared library name on macOSknu
2018-04-09Prefer alignof() over _Alignof()shyouhei
2018-04-03Honor --silent optionnobu string literal concatenationnobu named blocksnobu DLDFLAGS without arch flagsnobu fix rb_cv_gcc_compiler_casnobu basic libsnobu --disable-mathn optionnobu
2018-03-03mjit_config.h: MJIT_LDSHAREDnobu library options to MAINLIBSnobu fix up r59130nobu
2018-03-01MJIT specific flagsnobu
2018-02-18mjit.c: no va_copynobu check clockid_t with necessary headersnobu
2018-02-15thread_pthread.c: Use `getpagesize()` when `pthread_attr_getguardsize` is una...mame Use `pthread_create` to determine if pthread is availablemame
2018-02-08MJIT header for multiarchnobu removed unnecessary pushdef/popdefnobu
2018-02-06deal with aclocal(1)shyouhei
2018-02-05va_copy is a C99ismshyouhei rb_mjit_header.hnobu
2018-01-27Fix duplicated HAVE_NANkazu
2018-01-20set AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIRS [close GH-1793]shyouhei
2018-01-20refactor split into filesshyouhei
2018-01-20add missing/nan.cshyouhei
2018-01-19there is no guarantee that mode_t is as wide as intshyouhei
2018-01-19INFINITY is float. That of double is HUGE_VAL.shyouhei
2018-01-15sorry, this hunk was a garbage. [ci skip]shyouhei
2018-01-15__builtin_alloca_with_align for optimal memory accessshyouhei
2018-01-15__builtin_assume_aligned for *(foo *) castsshyouhei
2018-01-15__alignof__ to take alignment of a typeshyouhei
2018-01-15__attibute__((__aligned__)) for RSTRING_PTR()shyouhei
2018-01-13Fix a typo.hsbt
2018-01-09thread_pthread: remove checks for pthread_cond*_initnormal
2018-01-09thread_pthread: remove HAVE_PTHREAD_ATTR_INIT ifdefsnormal
2017-12-27fix fd mask detection on os xnobu
2017-12-15initialize should be outsidenaruse