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2018-11-07Convert MJIT_CC to Windows path on msys toonobu
2018-11-07vm_backtrace.c: pos can be zeroshyouhei
2018-11-06Fix build_os:host_os pairnobu
2018-11-06Expand MJIT_CC in configurenobu
2018-11-06adopt sanitizer APIshyouhei insert DLDSHAREDnobu
2018-11-06gc.c: move ASAN check to configureshyouhei
2018-11-05Respect explicitly given MJIT_CCnobu
2018-11-04MJIT_CC should not use CC_WRAPPERnobu use CC_WRAPPERnobu set CC_WRAPPER by checking messagenobu
2018-10-20rename configure option `--disable-mjit` to `--disable-mjit-support`ko1
2018-10-20add disabling MJIT features option.ko1
2018-10-20Support Mach-O on backtrace with DWARFnaruse add --disable-install-mjit-headerk0kubun do not overwrite -std=shyouhei
2018-10-15detect clang++shyouhei
2018-10-15Pass cflags given to configure to mjitnobu
2018-10-13Define PRIdPTR etcnobu
2018-10-09* do not use __builtin_longjmp on ppc64* Linuxodaira
2018-10-03Use cd -Pnobu
2018-10-03support --with-arch=x86_64hshyouhei
2018-09-27move GCC version check from marshal.c to configure.acshyouhei prepend the wrapper after CPP is setnobu
2018-09-21Remove -Wno-parentheses flag.nobu
2018-09-21darwin-cc: hide ld warningsnobu
2018-09-20Ignore Xcode linker warningsnobu
2018-09-13Make qsort_r() flavor detecting work if qsort_r() is a macronobu
2018-09-12deduce versioned tools from CCnobu
2018-09-09Fix a typokazu
2018-09-09util.c: qsort_s in C11nobu -fstack-protector-strongnobu
2018-08-31random.c: SecRandomCopyBytesnobu printf prifix for int64_tnobu
2018-08-24thread_pthread.c: use eventfd instead of pipe on Linuxnormal LIBPATHENV on macOSnobu
2018-08-13thread_pthread: use POSIX timer or thread to get rid of racesnormal drop MJIT_DLDFLAGS_NOCOMPRESSk0kubun
2018-08-13Re-apply wrongly reverted r64330naruse
2018-08-13support compressed debug_linenaruse use linker_flag to LIBRUBY_DLDFLAGSnobu
2018-08-13Revert "support compressed debug_line"naruse
2018-08-13support compressed debug_linenaruse use the correct argumentk0kubun MJIT_DLDFLAGS_NOCOMPRESSk0kubun
2018-08-11upgrade the default WINNT versionnobu
2018-07-05unrevert r63852 but keep SIGCHLD path disabled for win32normal
2018-07-04Revert r63758 and related commitsnaruse [DOC] refine help messagesnobu
2018-06-30use sigsetjmp on macOSnobu