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2014-06-06compile.c, parse.y: private op assignnobu
2014-06-06node.h: NODE_PRIVATE_RECVnobu
2014-05-11* compile.c (BUFSIZE): Unused macro removed.akr
2014-04-26compile.c: non-destructive keyword splatnobu
2014-01-27compile.c: use correct key for block when loading serialized iseqscharliesome
2014-01-25compile.c: assignment result of aset_withnobu
2014-01-25compile.c: mark fstringnobu
2014-01-10insns.def: add opt path for Hash#[] and Hash#[]= used with str literal keystmm1
2013-12-25compile.c: fix error by clangnobu
2013-12-25compile.c: unnamed keyword rest checknobu
2013-12-20* include/ruby/ruby.h: rename OBJ_WRITE and OBJ_WRITTEN intoko1
2013-12-11compile.c: add opt_aset instruction for faster Hash#[]= and Array#[]=tmm1
2013-12-09* compile.c, insns.def, test/ruby/test_rubyvm.rb, vm.c, vm_core.h,charliesome
2013-11-29 * compile.c : Bugsfix for dump_disasm_list.tarui
2013-11-26* compile.c: Use rb_fstring() to de-duplicate string literals in code. [ruby...tmm1
2013-11-17compile.c: tailcall on supernobu
2013-11-10parse.y: remove "f" suffix [ruby-core:57966] [Feature #9042]nobu
2013-11-09* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): emit opt_str_freeze if the #freezecharliesome
2013-11-09* class.c: unify names of vm state version counters to 'serial'.charliesome
2013-11-08* compile.c (iseq_build_from_ary_exception): use RARRAY_CONST_PTR().glass
2013-10-29* insns.def, vm.c, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_insnhelper.h, vm_method.c: splitcharliesome
2013-10-13compile.c, vm.c: reduce hash mergenobu
2013-09-25* include/ruby/ruby.h: rename RARRAY_RAWPTR() to RARRAY_CONST_PTR().ko1
2013-09-04* class.c, compile.c, eval.c, gc.h, insns.def, internal.h, method.h,charliesome
2013-09-02* NEWS: Add note about frozen string literalscharliesome
2013-08-31* compile.c (NODE_MATCH3): pass CALL_INFO to opt_regexpmatch2charliesome
2013-08-22* compile.c (build_postexe_iseq): fix to setup the local table.ko1
2013-08-22* compile.c (rb_iseq_compile_node): accept NODE_IFUNC to supportko1
2013-08-20* insns.def: fix regexp's once option behavior.ko1
2013-07-24* compile.c (iseq_set_arguments): use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead ofko1
2013-06-24* compile.c (make_name_for_block): use PRIsVALUE in format stringcharliesome
2013-06-21* include/ruby/ruby.h (OBJ_WRITE): cast to (VALUE *) for secondko1
2013-06-19* include/ruby/ruby.h (struct rb_data_type_struct), gc.c: addko1
2013-06-14* compile.c (rb_iseq_compile_node): fix location of a `trace'ko1
2013-06-07* internal.h (numberof): Gathered from various files.akr
2013-06-01compile.c: not simple if keyword argsnobu
2013-05-26* hash.c (rb_hash_tbl_raw), internal.h: added.ko1
2013-05-19fix typos. Patch by k_takata.ktsj
2013-05-18compile.c: forward kwrestnobu
2013-05-13* include/ruby/ruby.h: constify RBasic::klass and addko1
2013-05-13* *.c, parse.y, insns.def: use RARRAY_AREF/ASET macroko1
2013-04-17iseq: reduce array allocations for simple sequencestmm1
2013-04-09compile.c: append keyword hash to splatnobu
2013-04-05compile.c: defined? with empty expressionnobu
2013-03-12required keyword argumentsnobu
2013-03-07compile.c: zsuper keyword argsnobu
2013-03-07compile.c: nd_line(node)nobu
2013-03-07compile.c: calc in intnobu
2013-02-28* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): remove redundant trace(line)ko1
2013-02-23compile.c: no keyword check if kw_restnobu