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2008-10-16* compile.c (iseq_set_sequence): fix memory leak.mame
2008-10-12* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): fixed indent.nobu
2008-09-28* compile.c (iseq_set_sequence): check duplicated when clauses.mame
2008-09-23* include/ruby/node.h, node.h: move node.h from include path.ko1
2008-09-23* include/ruby/node.h, vm_core.h: move definition ofko1
2008-08-25* compile.c (defined_expr): default defined? should returnmatz
2008-08-25* compile.c (defined_expr): should handle NODE_{AND,OR} asmatz
2008-08-23* compile.c (iseq_build_body): suppress a warning.nobu
2008-08-16* include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_intern_const): tiny optimization.nobu
2008-07-22* compile.c (insn_data_to_s_detail), file.c (rb_stat_inspect),nobu
2008-07-20* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): NODE_POSTEXE should set each endnobu
2008-07-01* compile.c, vm.c, insns.def: call FrozenCore.set_postexe methodko1
2008-07-01 * include/ruby/ruby.h (enum ruby_special_consts): ISO C forbidsshyouhei
2008-07-01* compile.c, insns.def, vm.c, vm_core.h: remove some insnsko1
2008-06-23* compile.c (iseq_build_from_ary): initialize arg_opts, a patch frommame
2008-06-23* compile.c (iseq_build_from_ary): fix expression to obtain wanabe
2008-06-09* compile.c : treat []&&= in virtually the same way as []||=.wanabe
2008-06-09* include/ruby/ruby.h (CONST_ID): constant ID cache for non-gcc.nobu
2008-05-31* suppress warnings with -Wwrite-string.nobu
2008-05-30* compile.c (defined_expr): fix SEGV by defined?([1]).mame
2008-05-25* compile.c (iseq_compile): set local_table formame
2008-05-25* compile.c (iseq_build_body): remove side effect frommame
2008-05-24* eval_method.c: renamed from vm_method.c. "vm_method.c" is includedko1
2008-05-24* compile.c (iseq_set_exception_table, NODE_WHILE, NODE_NEXT): removemame
2008-05-22* compile.c (get_destination_insn, get_next_insn, get_prev_insn):mame
2008-05-19* vm.c, insns.def, eval.c, vm_insnhelper.c: fix CREF handling.ko1
2008-05-14* insns.def: add a "putcbase" instruction.ko1
2008-05-12* eval.c (is_defined): add NODE_OP_ASGN_{OR,AND}. "defined?(a||=1)"matz
2008-05-05* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): should call compile_cpath() formatz
2008-05-05* compile.c (defined_expr): protect some expression frommatz
2008-05-05* compile.c (compile_cpath): use Qundef to denote cbase lookup.matz
2008-04-21* compile.c (defined_expr): capture exception during defined?matz
2008-04-20* vm_core.h (struct iseq_compile_data): moved label_no fromnobu
2008-04-20* compile.c (iseq_set_exception_table): allocates catch_table onlynobu
2008-04-20* compile.c (struct iseq_link_element, struct iseq_insn_data): madenobu
2008-04-20* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): fix for splat in when and rescue.nobu
2008-04-17* enc/trans/utf_16_32.c (fun_so_to_utf_16be, fun_so_to_utf_16le): addmame
2008-04-14* compile.c, compile.h (compile_debug): made runtime option.nobu
2008-04-12* eval.c (ruby_exec_node, ruby_run_node), ruby.c (process_options):nobu
2008-04-03* compile.c (iseq_set_sequence, iseq_insns_unification,nobu
2008-03-25* compile.c (defined_expr): false short-circuit destination label maynobu
2008-03-25* compile.c (compile_massign_opt): no need to use alloca.nobu
2008-02-18* include/ruby/node.h (NODE_FL_NEWLINE): renamed from NODE_NEWLINEmatz
2008-01-29* insns.def (toregexp): generate a regexp from strings instead of oneakr
2008-01-26* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): validate argument expr of "next"ko1
2008-01-26* compile.c, compile.h: fix to calculate correct stack depthko1
2008-01-25* compile.c, compile.h: fix stack pointer issues.ko1
2008-01-08* compile.c (iseq_build_from_ary), iseq.c (iseq_load): fix for format change.nobu
2008-01-06* $Date$ keyword removed to avoid inclusion of locale dependentakr
2007-12-25* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): fix stack consistency errorko1