path: root/compile.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-09Remove redundant code in the compiler.tenderlove
2018-07-09Remove test code. ISE generation should not impact write barriertenderlove
2018-07-09Fix crash when loading iseq from an arraytenderlove
2018-07-06compile.c: remove unreachable jump onlynobu
2018-07-06Fix a bug of peephole optimizationmame
2018-07-03vm.c: simplified core#hash_merge_kwdnobu
2018-06-13Revert "range.c: prohibit `(1..nil)`"mame
2018-06-13range.c: prohibit `(1..nil)`mame
2018-06-06rb_vm_insn_addr2insn: use st to perform addr2insn mappingnormal
2018-05-16iseq body local variablesnobu
2018-05-13compile.c: Fix segfault when VM_INSN_INFO_TABLE_IMPL is not 2yui-knk
2018-05-09compile.c: suppress a warningnobu
2018-05-09RSTRING_PTR is not guaranteed to be VALUE-aligned (retry)shyouhei
2018-05-02compile.c: mark catch_except_p of iseqk0kubun
2018-04-25compile.c: fix unconditional branch optimizationnobu
2018-04-23compile.c: copy a short insn with leavenobu
2018-04-23compile.c: insn before popnobu
2018-04-21compile.c: optimize checktypenobu
2018-04-21insns.def: checktypenobu
2018-04-21compile.c: renamed macro argumentsnobu
2018-04-16compile.c: align rangenobu
2018-04-13Add write barrier calls for direct marking objects.tenderlove
2018-04-08compile.c: disable debug prints on sparcnobu
2018-04-08compile.c: fix an exception argumentnobu
2018-04-08compile.c: suppress warningsnobu
2018-04-08compile.c: align ibf_object_headernobu
2018-04-08compile.c: debug prints in ibf_load_objectnobu
2018-04-08compile.c: align IBF dumped datanobu
2018-04-07compile.c: refine debug printsnobu
2018-04-05compile.c: fix positions encodenobu
2018-04-05compile.c: do not dump pointersnobu
2018-04-05compile.c: clear paddingnobu
2018-04-05compile.c: do not dump pointersnobu
2018-04-05compile.c: zero fillnobu
2018-03-31compile.c: compile_evstrnobu
2018-03-31compile.c: end_labelnobu
2018-03-30compile.c: do not dump unused callinfosnobu
2018-03-24compile.c: split add_insn_infonobu
2018-03-24compile.c: suppress missing-noreturnnobu
2018-03-20node.c: predicates for special NODEsnobu
2018-03-20compile.c: fix ibf_load_codenobu
2018-03-19Reverting r62775, this should fix i686 buildstenderlove
2018-03-19compile.c: arg var indexnobu
2018-03-18compile.c: fix function name [ci skip]nobu
2018-03-17compile.c: resize to align offsetsnobu
2018-03-17debugging SEGV on Solaris11snobu
2018-03-17compile.c: align offsetsnobu
2018-03-17debugging SEGV on Solaris11snobu
2018-03-16debugging SEGV on Solaris11snobu
2018-03-16debugging SEGV on Solaris11snobu