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2015-11-09* test/runner.rb: use official repository for coverage tool.hsbt
2015-11-09* Use ruby organization url for simplecov repository.hsbt update dependencynobu remove extra slashnobu vm_call_iseq_optimized.incnobu
2015-10-23* vm_insnhelper.c: introduce new call handler for simple ISeqs.ko1 showflags only oncenobu
2015-10-19fix typos [ci skip]kazu
2015-10-18* add a comment how to use "make test-all"kosaki
2015-10-18* add comments how to use "make benchmark"kosaki
2015-10-18* ChangeLog: Good-bye OS/2.kosaki
2015-10-17* ruby.c (open_load_file): reset O_NONBLOCK after open.kosaki
2015-10-16file.c: non-blocking opennobu separate test-testframeworknobu test ordernobu separate testsnobu, lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb: Change Unicodeduerst clear envs for GEMnobu no prefixesnobu
2015-09-17* fix command error with outside builddir.hsbt
2015-09-17* separated test for test-framework from test-all task.hsbt
2015-09-15dir.c: fundamental_encoding_pnobu
2015-09-15win32.c: encindex.hnobu
2015-09-15localeinit.c: encindex.hnobu
2015-09-15enc: fundamental encindexnobu
2015-09-15encindex.h: ENCINDEXnobu excluding options to test-rubynobu
2015-09-09* (update-gems): use BASERUBY instead of RUNRUBY.usa exclude memory leak testsnobu
2015-09-01* thread_tools.c: rename thread_tools.c to thread_sync.c.ko1
2015-08-25win32.c: rb_w32_reparsenobu
2015-08-21* ext/thread/thread.c: move definitions of Queue, SizedQueueko1
2015-08-12* remove trailing spaces.svn
2015-08-12* id_table.h: introduce ID key table.ko1
2015-08-10win32.c: use ruby_strdupnobu PHONY should be phony [ci skip]nobu no version.inobu fix conflict of version.inobu
2015-07-27symbol.h: memoize hashval for RSymbolnormal clean preludesnobu fix clean ordernobu clean-localnobu fix execnobu add execnobu
2015-07-07random.c: try getrandomnobu add ccan/list headers as deps for st.cnormal reorder args for ENC_MKnobu -fakenobu needs fake.rbnobu
2015-06-14file.c: open without gvlnobu