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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author stop building MJIT min header for mswink0kubun
2018-07-31Add PRINTF_ARGS to kprintfkazu
2018-07-31mjit.c: allow using MJIT header in build directoryk0kubun install for test-all iff load-relative is disablednobu test-all requires install for nowk0kubun
2018-07-28use https:// instead of git:// when possiblenormal
2018-07-24dsymutil needs the object filesnobu
2018-07-12exe/ruby: link libm for fiddle testnobu upgrade benchmark_driverk0kubun
2018-07-10benchmark_driver/runner: add runners for metricsk0kubun execute benchmark alphabeticallyk0kubun
2018-07-10Revert "benchmark/*.yml: convert from benchmark/bm_*.rb"k0kubun
2018-07-10benchmark: resurrect peak / size metricsk0kubun
2018-07-09benchmark/driver.rb: fully obsolete thisk0kubun upgrade benchmark_driver to v0.14k0kubun codesign ruby-runner toonobu
2018-07-08benchmark/driver.rb: drop legacy Ruby script supportk0kubun
2018-07-08benchmark: introduce benchmark_driver.gemk0kubun load prelude on `make benchmark`k0kubun drop obsoleted `make tbench`k0kubun
2018-07-05ruby tool/update-deps --fixnaruse
2018-06-17EXTOBJS should be included in DLDOBJSnobu dependency of node_name.incnobu
2018-06-01Added missing dependency for ast.c.hsbt
2018-05-31Define AST module under RubyVM [experimental]yui-knk
2018-05-22rename temporary dummy targetusa
2018-05-21mention about `goruby` target in helpusa
2018-05-21now can do `make goruby`usa
2018-05-20should propagate V to sub makeusa
2018-05-20goruby build was brokenusa
2018-05-03_mjit_compile_send.erb: retry inlining attr_readerk0kubun Update dependencies on tool/ruby_vm scriptsmame
2018-04-28mjit_config.h: expand min header namenobu
2018-04-23revert r63212k0kubun
2018-04-20_mjit_compile_send.erb: inline attr_reader callk0kubun expand MJIT header rulesnobu
2018-03-04mjit_compile.c: use local variables for stackk0kubun clean timestamp and intermediate headernobu added missing dependencies on id.hnobu
2018-02-22version.c: show +JIT when --jit is passedk0kubun moved macros to mjit_config.hnobu
2018-02-17LIBRUBY_A with extsnobu
2018-02-17separate PRE_LIBRUBY_UPDATEnobu
2018-02-12_mjit_compile_insn_body.erb: refactork0kubun
2018-02-12_mjit_compile_insn_line.erb: carve out macro expansionk0kubun add comments about r62355 [ci skip]k0kubun define MJIT_HEADER earlierk0kubun
2018-02-08MJIT header for multiarchnobu
2018-02-08mjit.c: ruby_version from version.cnobu